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Jun 01 2010

Ptv Drama Serial Mujhey Pyar Chahiye

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Mujhey Pyar Chahiye

Cast: Adnan Siddiqui, Shabbir Jan, Zeba Bakhtiar, Farah Shah, Ayesha Alam, Imran Khan, Zainab Qayyum, ZQ, Fahad Mustafa, and Jamshed Ansari
Written by: Seema Ghazal
Directed by: Barkat Ali Siddiqui

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May 24 2010

Drama Serial Shehr e Dil Ke Darwazey on Ary

Category: Ary Tv,Shehr e Dil Ke Darwazeymansoor @ 1:53 pm

Its a story of arsheen and everyone around her. arsheen, who is a young responsible girl and elder among her two sisters, becomes authoritative after demise of her father. saad, a childhood friend of arsheen is in love with her, but she is not interested in saad, as her younger sister ambreen wants to embrace saad as her life partner. but saad is in deep infatuation of arsheen and his refusal to ambreen ruins her life. on the other hand, an old guy prof. aftab mehdi falls in love of arsheen, who already has a wife named nazish. nazish provides an escape to arsheen from professor by getting her married with her brother mehran, but that superficial shelter becomes an ultimate prison for arsheen.

shehr-e-dil ke-head

Drama serial by A&B Productions and High Entertainment,

Written By: Faiza Iftikhar,

Directed By: Nadim Siddique

Cast: Asif Raza Mir, Zeba Bekhtiar, Aijaz Aslam, Mehwish Hayat, Azfar Rehman, Neelam Munir, Fatima Effendi, Shamim Hilali, Babar Khan

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May 21 2010

Drama Serial Shehr e Dil Ke Darwazey

Category: Shehr e Dil Ke Darwazeymansoor @ 10:35 pm

shehr-e-dil ke

Drama serial by A&B Productions and High Entertainment,
Written By: Faiza Iftikhar,
Directed By: Nadim Siddique
Cast: Asif Raza Mir, Zeba Bekhtiar, Aijaz Aslam, Mehwish Hayat, Azfar Rehman, Neelam Munir, Fatima Effendi, Shamim Hilali, Babar Khan
Starting from 24th May on ARY

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Jan 23 2010

Adnan Sami set to marry for the third time

Category: Newsmansoor @ 12:29 am
Abnan Sami with Roya Fariyabi & Amir Khan

Abnan Sami with Roya Fariyabi & Amir Khan

After two marriages and equal number of divorces, most of you might have thought its singleton for Adnan Sami.

But the man is out to stun all be it his drunken drama at Chance Pe Dance or the alleged fact that he is gearing up to marry his family friend Roya Fariyabi.

Roya Fariyabi, who is a family friend of Adnan and stays in Germany, recently attended 3 Idiots premier with Adnan.

Fariyabi was reportedly in Mumbai to seek Adnan’s mother’s approval for marriage.

Meanwhile Adnan has earlier been married to Sabah and Zeba.

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Oct 18 2009

Catching up with Azaan Sami Khan

Category: Articlesmansoor @ 11:21 am

The teenage son of singer Adnan Sami Khan talks about his forthcoming album and his relationship with his long-estranged father.

By Maliha Rehman

Even at the young age of 15, Azaan Sami Khan has a discerning, motivated look about him. He has unruly hair and baby fat that hasn’t yet shed off, but his bespectacled, intelligent eyes speak volumes for his maturity as an individual. As the son of actress Zeba Bakhtiar and musician Adnan Sami Khan, Azaan is, of course, not your average teenager. During his childhood, he weathered his parents’ tumultuous divorce and subsequent prolonged custody battle – experiences that must have left long-lasting scars. Still, he seems to be none the worse for wear as he has recently been signed by Sony Music India for his debut album, an album that will mark him as the world’s youngest composer and singer.

It has become quite the order of the day for children to want to follow in their celebrity parents’ footsteps. In Bollywood, star kids have taken over almost completely with every big banner movie boasting the name of a Ranbir Kapoor or an Abhishek Bachchan or even a desperately-floundering-for-a-hit Fardeen Khan. Closer to home, we have Neelo’s son Shaan, Amanat Ali Khan’s son Shafqat Amanat Ali and Abid Ali’s daughter Iman Ali amongst the glitterati. Since he has spent his entire childhood estranged from his musician father, it is surprising though that Azaan opted for a career in music rather than one in acting, a la his actress mother.

“I’ve met my father for the first time in 10 years,” admits Azaan. “During these years, I had no contact with him whatsoever. Still, his musical influence was there. My mother saw that I was interested in music and always encouraged it. I have been receiving vocal training from a very young age and composed my first song when I was seven. At age 13, I directed and composed the music for a short film called Meri Kahani, a movie that was screened at the South East Asian festival in Goa. This was when I realized that music was truly my calling and this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. My mother’s influence is also there – I eventually want to delve into acting, directing and dancing as well!”

Now that he has reunited with his father in Mumbai, Azaan is not only getting to know Adnan Sami better but also feels that he is learning a lot from the talented musician. “Living with my father is a learning experience,” he says. “I couldn’t meet him earlier because of court cases but from now on, I am going to be shuffling back and forth between Pakistan and India. He has taught me a lot and feels that I am now ready to go public. My album will be launched in India and hopefully, simultaneously in Pakistan, by Sony Music. People who have heard it so far have more or less liked it. They have also been surprised that my sound is so different from my father’s.”

He may sound different but Azaan admits that the opportunities granted to him have mainly been due to his celebrity father. “But that also puts the burden on me of living up to people’s expectations,” he reasons. “The audience may listen to the album once because they are curious to hear Adnan Sami’s son but they will only hear it again and again if they like it. I hope that people realize that my father started his career when he was 24 while I am just 15. I can’t possibly sound as mature or sing as romantically as him!”

Azaan, it seems, is, understandably, in awe of his multi-talented father. “My father is a well-respected musician in India and everybody I have met through him over here has been very friendly and genuine. Despite this, if I could, I would have wanted my first album to debut in Pakistan. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a very enthusiastic response from Pakistani music companies whereas I was welcomed in India. My father encountered the same attitude years ago when he wanted to release Kabhi Toh Nazar Milao in Pakistan. The album was then eventually released in India and became a huge success. As musicians, sometimes we just don’t have any option but to launch our music in India, where people are more appreciative and receptive to new ideas. It doesn’t mean that we have forsaken our loyalty to our nation. I am a Pakistani and I am proud of it. A lot of the songs in my album have been recorded in Pakistan and have been written by Pakistani lyricists.

Similarly, my father isn’t an Indian national – he still has a green passport and he says that every time he goes on stage, Pakistan goes on stage with him.” Quite the besotted son, Azaan fails to mention that his father did apply for Indian citizenship in 2001 but failed to acquire it.

Nevertheless, in the words of Lata Mangeshkar, “Music knows no boundaries” and if Azaan’s first album is a success, it will be a proud moment for Pakistan. Following the footsteps of Adnan Sami, Azaan says that he has a sense of how different instruments work, even though the keyboard is the main instrument he plays. He has been signed up as music director for a few Indian movies, one of them directed by Priyadarshan and due to be released this December. His album debut is planned for January 2010.

Courtesy: The News

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Oct 15 2009


Category: Uncategorizedmansoor @ 2:50 pm

The Petition

It is amazing that what started as a simple song has gone on to become an unprecedented anti terrorism movement. A campaign around it was devised to address the message of radicalization and terrorism that was at odds with what the majority of Muslims believe. It was time to redress the imbalance, and
from the smallest child to the oldest person, Yeh Hum Naheen sought to give a voice to the voiceless.

Compsed & Produced by: Shuja Haider
Lyrics by: Ali Moeen
Directed by: Waseem Mahmood

The objective of the Yeh Hum Naheen foundation is to build on the essence of Islam as a
faith that promotes tolerance, peace and harmony removing prejudices within the community
and amongst non-Muslims around the world.
It is all too easy to hold faceless agencies or foreign hands responsible for the rise in terrorism
in Pakistan, but simply finding someone else to blame is not the way to resolve this problem.
The fact remains that the perpetrators of these heinous acts are from amongst us. It has
become not only the civil but also the religious responsibility of each individual to ensure
that nobody from our family, our friends, our neighborhoods, our schools or our colleges
gets sucked into committing these acts. It is up to us to root these people out and let them
know in the strongest possible way that what they do, they do not do in our name.
Terrorism is nothing more than Murder and in Islam Murder is Haram.
In June 2008, a unique campaign was launched to encourage the Pakistani people to take
a united stand against terrorism and send a resounding message to those involved that the
majority of the people do not support the terrorists. The main aim of the campaign is to
get people to sign a petition condemning terrorism; this they can do this either in person
with the team of 6000 Contact Ambassadors around the country, by SMS or by this website.
It is time to stand up and be counted –- Yeh Hum Naheen.
Major TV & film celebrities of the country supported the movement by participating in the
ad campaign through which they urged the people to step forward and take part in the
campaign by signing up the petition against terrorism. Separate one-liners were also aired
featuring celebrities that worked brilliantly in building up the momentum of the campaign.
The celebrities that took part included names like Shakeel, Samina Ahmed, Samina Peerzada,
Zeba Bakhtiar, Moamer Rana, Reema, Noman Ijaz, Moin Akhter, Sohail Asghar, Fakhare
Alam, Misbah Khalid, Anoushay Ashraf, Faisal Qureshi, Ayesha Omer, Amir Adnan, Arif
Lohar, Shiraz Uppal, Noor, Usman Peerzada, Irfan Khoosat, Imran Peerzada, Shafqat Amanat
Ali, Farhan Ali Agha and Mehwish etc.
The Yeh Hum Naheen song was a unique musical event in itself. Featuring the vocal talents
of some of Pakistans biggest music artists, including Haroon, Ali Haider, Ali Zafar, Shafqat
Amanat Ali, Strings, Shuja Haider and Hadiqa Kiani, uniting to sing out the message the
world needs to hear.
Capturing the imagination of people across the board, Yeh Hum Naheen has given a voice
to the silent majority, those in the Muslim world who have far too long been mis-represented.
The entire campaign was run for only a month and the results it achieved were astounding.
It managed to acquire over 62 million signatures nationwide. This record response made
news globally to the extent that the campaign made it to the Guinness Book of World
Records. Previously any such non political petition for the people by the people holds a
record of 24 million signatures only. Apart from this, the turnover for this petition brought
forward twice the amount of people than our general elections. The Yeh Hum Naheen song
also made it big by being nominated for the prestigious Grammies in a similar category as
‘We are the world’.
The campaign was a big success in terms of uniting the people of Pakistan on a single
platform to stand and raise their voice against terrorism. The finale of the campaign brought
a message for the entire nation to save their loved ones from getting into the clutches of
those who brainwash them into killing themselves and other muslims in the name of religion.
The next phase of the campaign is being worked upon and it will bring about new messages as to how we as a nation can help stop such activities at our own individual levels.

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Oct 13 2009

Meera-Atiqur Rehman saga

Category: Articlesmansoor @ 7:26 am

Meera’s new strategy seems to be to open her mouth as infrequently as possible. There’s a hush, which in a manner of speaking can be deafening.

Not an awful lot transpired in the Meera-Atiqur Rehman saga last week. But that doesn’t mean those scary-looking hatchets have been buried, because Atiqur Rehman gave an interview on one of the TV channels on Monday night, giving air to his thoughts vis-à-vis the whole married-or-not-married situation.

It wasn’t a startling tête-à-tête, but it had some extremely interesting moments. Atiqur Rehman alleged that Meera was in contact with ‘other people’, a fact which she didn’t like Atiq to know about. He said the actress had telephonic contacts with them, and deleted their messages and phone call details when Atiq entered the house.

In order to prove his relationship with Meera, the businessman from Faisalabad said actress Zeba Bakhtiar knows about it, because during the shooting of one of her plays the couple often dined with Ms Bakhtiyar. He added he had spent between four to five crore rupees on Meera, and if she wanted a divorce she could do that by admitting that she’s his wife. However, if the Lollywood leading lady wishes to stay with him as his better half, he wouldn’t mind: “Agar woh basna chahay to theek hai…”

Atiqur Rehman also went on to advise all men not to marry showbiz women. He said at a meeting in which Sangeeta was also present, Meera touched his feet, sought his forgiveness and said she couldn’t accept that she’s married to Atiq in front of the media.

Atiqur Rehman rued that he didn’t pay heed to his parents’ advice when they tried to stop him from tying the knot with Meera, saying she couldn’t stay with him for long.

See folks, that’s what they mean when they say: Aachay bachchon ko maan baap ki baat maan leney chahiye.

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Oct 07 2009

Drama Serial Aik Lamha Chahiye on Atv

Category: Aik Lamha Chahiye,Atvmansoor @ 9:54 am

A story of three women who fall in love with the same man. An innocent and sensitive girl Anoosha meets a painter, Ahmar in an exhibition, and develops an immediate infatuation. Ahmar is twise her age. Anoosha introduces him to her widow mother, Sahira. Situation takes a strange turn and Ahmar, ignoring his fiancy Fatima, marries Sahira. This breaks Fatima’s heart as she had been in love with Ahmar since her childhood. On the other hand, Anoosha thinks that her mother has wrested her love. Many complexities of life and love follow, making the serial a landmark in family entertainment.

Cast: Zeba Bakhtiar, Faisal Rehman, Beenish Chohan, Kamran Jilani, Anoosha Abbasi, Eshita Mehboob, Munawar Saeed
Director: Mohsin Talat
Producer: Tariq Mujeeb
Executive Producer: Asif Ali Pota
Writer: Samina Ejaz


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Oct 07 2009

Drama Serial Maa aur Maamta on Indus Tv

Category: Indus Tv,Maa aur Maamtamansoor @ 2:42 am

Cast: Talat Hussain, Shafi M. Shah, Zeba Bakhtiar, Humayyun Saeed, Sakina Summo, Bushra Ansari, Atiqa Odho, Syed Nabeel, Sohail Asghar, Qazi Wajid, Rehan Sheikh, Mona Liza, Abid Ali, Badar Khalil, Rashid Farooqui, Tauqeer Nasir, Ghazal Siddique, Ayesha Ahmed, Adnan Jeelani, Rizwan Wasti, Rubina Ashraf, Yasir Nawaz, Muzaffar Warsi, & Kamran Jeelani

Produced & Directed by: Kamran Qureshi
Written by: Zafar Meraj
An Evergreen Entertainment Production

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Aug 26 2009

Zeba Bakhtiar

Category: Ary Tv,Geo Tv,Hum Tv,Indus Tv,Ptv,Tv Onemansoor @ 9:24 am

Zeba Bakhtiar: Accepted the challenge! By Anis Shakur

‘Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory’.

The above maxim holds true to the Pakistani show business celebrity, Zeba Bakhtiar.

Born on November 4, 1965 Zeba Bakhtiar or Bakhtiyar is a Pakistani film & TV actress and director, of Hungarian and Pashtun-Pakistani descent. She is the daughter of the former attorney general of Pakistan, Yahya Bakhtiar, hails from Baluchistan , Pakistan. Her mother is of foreign descent. Like Zeba Bakhtiar, her brother also associated himself with Pakistani television.

Equipped with higher educational grades, distinct family background and human values, Zeba Bakhtiar was attracted to show business as a teenager. The tremendous talent of Zeba Bakhtiar was there, just waiting to be used.

Zeba Bakhtiar debuted from the Karachi television’s play ‘Anarkali’, opposite Mehmood Akhtar. In it, she played the title role of ‘Anarkali’. The drama stirs the heart with its story of a girl in a man’s world. Those were moments for wistful looks and glistening eyes.

Back in the late 1980s, Zeba Bakhtiar was a young Pakistani actress of glistening freshness and uncanny intuition. Any one, whose heart does not embrace this gorgeous, gracious, glamorous girl of the yester year, probably does not have one.

Moreover, she often found, of all things, innovation and honor in the television programs. Soon she became the perennial favorite of Pakistani youth. Zeba Bakhtiar’s debut film ‘Hina’ was made and produced by R.K. films in India. She played the lead opposite Rishi Kapoor. Director, Randhir Kapoor, writer, Haseena Moin.

The moral authority she brought to the role in ‘Hina’, without sacrificing a youthful spontaneity, was astounding. Its characters make surprising connections when it comes to team- work.

Zeba Bakhtiar’s first marriage, which took place before the movie shoot of ‘Hina’ ended in divorce.

She is a clever, charming and intrepid artist, who rules the heart of innumerable people through her personality and her acting. An actress of uncommon grace and intelligence, Zeba Bakhtiar went on to make more movies in India like ‘Stunt man’ and ‘Sajan ka ghar’.

She often finds, among other things, prestige and challenge in the movie business. During those days, there were rumors circulating in the press of Zeba Bakhtiar’s marriage to Indian actor, Javed Jafri. However, Zeba Bakhtiar vehemently denied those allegations as a conspiracy against her.

In her movies and television plays, Zeba Bakhtiar displayed one of the defining sensibilities of the 1990s and beyond. She has captured the imagination of admiring fans since she was a girl.

The rosy radiance that follows a pleasant encounter with Zeba Bakhtiar is laudable. She reached the pinnacle of a remarkable career by following her own instincts.

In times due course, Zeba Bakhtiar moved to Pakistan and married actor- singer- composer, Adnan Sami, son of Aijaz Sami. Ah, the web of love. How these forces feed the flame of life. She had a son, Azan, from Adnan Sami.

Those were great moments at work, when Zeba Bakhtiar played the lead opposite Adnan Sami in her first Pakistani film ‘Sargam’. Theatrical release was on September 1, 1995. Director, Syed Noor, producer- composer, Adnan Sami.

Additionally, Zeba Bakhtiar’s caricature of lead actress in ‘Sargam’ has won the Nigar Award in her debut Pakistani movie. She seems destined to add more laurels to her celluloid persona. Indeed, she gives a brilliantly restrained performance in ‘Sargam’.

Zeba Bakhtiar’s marriage to Adnan Sami could not stood the test of time, and it resulted in their separation. That occurred after the theatrical release of ‘Sargam’, and Adnan Sami went abroad with his son, Azan.

After a long child custody battle, Zeba Bakhtiar succeeded in getting her son back. Those days Zeba Bakhtiar fielded inquiries about her relationship with Adnan and Azan, and in doing so proved that her heart was loyal.

Zeba Bakhtiar’s greatness shines through in director Sangeeta’s successful film ‘Qaid’ in which she played the lead lady opposite actor Saud. Alternating between television and films, she frequently was cast in major television roles.

She was most memorably cast in writer Rauf Khalid’s drama serial ‘Laag’, which was telecast from Pakistani television. An artist of unusual prowess and grace, Zeba Bakhtiar turned in one of her best performances as leader of Kashmiri independence movement, ‘Dukhtaran-e-Kashmir’ in ‘Laag.’

The drama serial ‘Laag’ made the public realize the deep resonance of her work. A part of her charm derives from the apparent fact that she is working and having fun at the same time.

Zeba Bakhtiar is, indeed, a loveable woman whose hatred of hypocrisy is legendary. She worked in the heartfelt and handsomely made movie, ‘Chief Sahib’ in 1996. In dramatic roles, the movie cast moves effortlessly from one scene to another. Producer- director, Javed Sheikh, stars included Zeba Bakhtiar, Javed Sheikh and Neeli.

Zeba Bakhtiar shone in her directional debut movie ‘Babu’ in 2001. Its story revolves around love, lust, and the well- known adage ‘give respect get respect’ starring Zeba Bakhtiar, dubbed as ‘Ghazal’, Saud Amin, Lehri, Peer Moazzam.

She brings a new level of intensity to her acting in the Pakistan television drama serial ‘Pehli see mohabbat’. Writer, Rafaqat Hayat, director, Najam-Uz- Zaman, executive producer, Ghazanfar Ali. ‘Pehli see mohabbat’ is the Urdu version of the English novel ‘Beware of pity.’ Cast included Zeba Bakhtiar, dubbed as ‘Sofia’ Shahood Alvi, and Shakeel. It is a story of a pretty handicapped girl.

Zeba Bakhtiar’s keenly articulate movie grammar and a tender grasp of human nature have maintained uniformity all through these times. Further, her artistry is worth applauding in television drama ‘Sangam’ Cast includes Zeba Bakhtiar as ‘Farah’, Talat Husain, Qazi Wajid. Written by Zahida Hina, director, Nasir Danawala.

Best known for her splendid direction capability, Zeba Bakhtiar attained major celebrity as an artist also in drama ‘Kundi’. Cast included Zeba Bakhtiar, Firdous Jamal.

She is the source of quite a few exemplary television plays. That said Zeba Bakhtiar’s resplendent career moved on fulfilling her initial promise of consistent hard work.

A quick example is the television drama ‘Kisay apna kahoon’ cast included Zeba Bakhtiar, Noman Aijaz and Talat Husain. Additionally, she emerged as a convincing artist in the television drama ‘Gunah gaar’. Cast included Zeba Bakhtiar, Izhar Qazi and Tahira Wasti.

Overwhelmed by her artistic prowess, the audience always gives her an enthusiastic response, which Zeba Bakhtiar well deserves. In spite of her enormous talents as director, Zeba Bakhtiar still possesses a face made for acting.

Zeba Bakhtiar (now Mrs. Zeba Bakhtiar Leghari) married Sardar Sohail Khan Leghari on the sixth of July 2008, in a Nikkah ceremony with close friends and family members. With her husband and her son Azaan (from her previous marriage), Zeba lives in Karachi and continues to direct and produce TV serials.

Some of Zeba Bakhtiar’s popular television drama serials and plays are listed below:

Aa Mere Pyar ki Khusboo
Gunah gaar
Kisay apna kahoon
Pehli si mohabbat


1. Muqadama (1996)
2. Jai Vikraanta (1995)
3. Sargam (1995)
4. Mohabbat Ki Arzoo
5. Stuntman (1994)
6. Henna (1991) (as Zeba)

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May 13 2009

Drama Serial Aa Mere Pyar ki Khusboo on Ary Tv

Category: Aa Mere Pyar ki Khusboo,Ary Tvmansoor @ 3:10 am

aa mere

Written By : Khurram Ali Shafiq

Directed By : Zeba Bakhtiar

Cast : Shabbir Jan, Sajid Hassan, Faisal Qureshi, Fahad Tunio, Benish chohan, Shama, Khoobsoorat, Tehreem Zuberi, Humayun Mehboob, Rizwan Wasti, Akbar Subhani, Abeel Hussain, Ahsan Talish, Laila Zuberi, Badar Kahlil, Zalay Sarhadi

Click here to watch All Episodes on vidpk.com

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May 07 2009

Drama Serial Mehman on Ary Tv

Category: Ary Tv,Mehmaanmansoor @ 12:00 pm


Written by Zafar Mairaj

Produced & Directed by Zeba Bakhtiar

Cast: Ayyub Khosa, Shabbir Jan, Sami Khan Niazi, Amanullah Nasir, Hameed Shaikh, Humayun Mehboob, Hidayat Hussain, Usman Hanif, Wajid Khan, Aisha Khan, Farah Shah, Maira Khan, Shameem Kazi, Maria, Kinza

Click here to watch all Episodes on vidpk.com

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Apr 18 2009

Drama Serial Mulaqat on Hum Tv

Category: Hum Tv,Mulaqatmansoor @ 11:39 pm

Mulaqat revolves around the life of Qayyum-ud-din aka Gulzar, a poet who is happily married to Saeeda, until his past returns to haunt him. Rameen, a girl he had been madly in love with, and whom he had planned to marry, but who had left him high and dry, returns into his life out of the blue after ten years, and wants to start off where they had left of. To follow the tumultuous developments in their lives, watch Mulaqaat.

Writer: Zaffar Mairaj

Producer & Director: Zeba Bakhtiar Leghari

Cast: Meera, Zeba Bakhtiar, Adnan siddiqui, Ayesha Khan, Shabbir Jan, Sajid Hassan

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pumpkin pumpkin
Pakistani Dramas