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Nov 15 2009

Was Meera set up?

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There’s a clip on Youtube showing Meera as a host of a show in English language. Come on, what were the director and producer thinking? She did her best in being absurd, as expected. But the question arises: why is it so easy to set Meera up?

Here she was trying to interview fashion photographer (or is it ‘fatographer’) Tapu Javeri. The actress, as she’s is often seen and heard, is striving hard to get the tête-à-tête take place in English and ends up sounding like…well, herself really!

The clip begins with Meera hoping to pronounce ‘fashion photographer’ correctly. Then she goes, “main buhat lost ho rahi hoon” followed by the repetition of the welcoming sentence, “its honour to have you on my show.” It gets even better when she exclaims, “we will be the back after right… we will be the back after right short break… ye toilet kitna duur hai… can we rehase… reharse…rehearsal.”

The madness doesn’t die down soon readers. Meera goes on to shower praise on Tapu Javeri by saying, “I admire your work quite some time,” and rounds off the hilarious monologue (can’t be called an interview) by uttering, “I hit to cut you off… I hat to cut you off… I hate cut you off… I’m very sorry to cut you off, but we have to go to the bathroom break.”

After such a conversation who doesn’t need a ‘bathroom’ break? The surfacing of this clip proves once and for all that everybody’s out to get poor Meera, and not just Ateeq.

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