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Dec 20 2009

Sadia and Bushra are now book ambassadors

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BUSHRA1_6Z87sadiaimamIt turns out that Bushra Ansari and Sadia Imam were into reading books are readaholics of sort.

Last week the National Book Foundation appointed Sadia and Bushra, among some other showbiz people and men of letters, book ambassadors so that the culture of reading could take root in the country.

The brochure that mentioned the two with their pictures said Sadia Imam is also a poet! We know about Bushra being a writer.

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Oct 16 2009

Faisal Qureshi

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Interview by Behjat Tahir

Faisal Qureshi is a TV producer, director, and actor, best known for his comedy series “Ulta Seedha” – a collection of satire and parodies on a wide range of current topics.

Faisal’s on-screen talent is only rivaled by his behind the scenes imagination, which he is using to bring TV audiences many enjoyable and memorable programs. He is a graduate of the National College of Arts, and is fully applying his creative education to many different avenues, including designing.

In an exclusive Rendezvous with The Saturday Post’s correspondent, Behjat Tahir, Faisal shows us what it is like to take life seriously and lightly, all at the same time.

Let’s see if you can tell where he’s joking and where he’s being dead serious…enjoy the interview!

1. Let’s start with getting to know you – tell us a bit about where you grew up and your family…

My parents accidentally left me in the Amazon Jungle on a safari trip whereafter I was brought up by mama bear and baba bear. I found my way to civilization (or lack thereof) somewhere in the late 17th century…the animal instincts still haven’t left me! Well, on a serious note (if you really want to know), I was born in Hyderabad, attended public school, am the youngest of six siblings, and therefore the most spoilt and pampered in the family!

2. How did you get into acting?

ACCIDENTALLY!!!! It was a bad stormy night, very dark and chilly with not a person or animal in sight. I was walking merrily down to the karyana store when suddenly this huge truck hit me out of nowhere. When I came to, I was in a permanent state of amnesia. That fatal accident changed my life forever and the audience’s too! National College of Arts was my first step towards acting though personally I never wanted to act. Started out as a writer and concept-maker and still enjoy being behind the scenes more!

3. What factors have played an important role in making you a star?

Nothing much – couple of fractures, one broken leg and a bump to the head. Waisay, thanks for calling ME a STAR…sounds cool (laughs).

4. How has being married changed you as an actor and as a person?

Tremendously! My dramatic (acting) skills have improved with each passing day after getting married.

5. What are your inspirations? What motivates you as an actor, writer, director, and all the different roles you play?

Food is my biggest motivation and, you can say, inspiration too! When we don’t have food to eat at home, it makes me act and work really hard. As a writer, I like touching upon serious issues but with satire; as an actor my motivation begins when no one else shows up at the last second for my shoots and I jump in as a last resort to fill up the slot!

6. What are some of the good and bad experiences you’d like to share with our readers?

I guess going to NCA was a great experience…I made good friends for life. And the bad experience is that I got married to one!

7. Acting , writing , producing, designing….out of all these which one do you prefer more and why?

Cooking…because the end result is worth it and more fulfilling!

8. What do you think of Pakistani media in general ?

No idea! My commitments with Hollywood leave no time for me to look at our own media…but I’ve heard that Pakistani media is growing very fast which I think is good (for the media not for the audience!) It still has a long way to go and if I’m around longer then maybe there’s hope for it to reach Hollywood standards!

9. How do you compare Pakistani talent with other countries?

Aaahhh, Pakistani talent…you find the best and most efficient thugs and muggers here…none can beat their talent all over the world! Oh, you mean the likes of Meera and all? What can I say! Such talent is hard to find even in our own country let alone the rest of the world!!! “No one can beat just one” like the famous ad jingle goes…

10. What do you think about Pakistani talent going to India?

All I know is that India is a nice place to visit and my friends tell me that partying away from home has its own charms…if you know what I mean! Crossing the borders is now much cheaper thanks to our Khan Coaches and Bus Service, which is way easier on the pockets of our poor actors and singers!

11. If you were not in media, what profession would you have chosen?

Ummmm…if not an actor I would have been a politician then because there I could have used my acting skills properly!

12. Tell us about your future projects. What are you planning to contribute to the Pakistani media next?

Two minor projects are in the making. They will Insha Allah become major projects. Whether these projects will enter media, I don’t know. They are my twin daughters! Rather minor projects, 4 pounds each, but soon they will be big. That is my contribution, not to the media of Pakistan, but to the population of Pakistan.
13. Any message for our readers?

Messages I prefer texting with my cell phone…it’s cheaper!

Courtesy: The Saturday Post

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