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Feb 21 2010

Ali Zafar Stars in Bollywood’s Tere Bin Laden

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So you know how all these people from Pakistan’s entertainment industry (film, music, what not) get picked for Bollywood projects and then milk it for all its worth? Well, just some of them, and we shall not name names.

Anyway, in what seems a trend for princely Pakistani popstars this year, Ali Zafar will be crossing over to the film industry in a July release. Unlike the current trend though, Ali will be appearing in a Bollywood flick – in the lead role! Ach mein Gott! What a coup!

The film is called Teray bin Ladin, and wrapped shooting last year. Shankar, Ehsan and Loy are behind the music and the stage is set to depict Pakistan. Pakistani media to be precise, with Ali playing Ali Hassan, a small-time news reporter who wants to make the bigtime and produces a fake Osama video to this end.

Although Ali has been offered films from B-land before, he chose this particular one because: “the script sounded intelligent and fun, out of the box and over the top. Also the story revolves around Pakistan and a Pakistani, something that people over here could relate to and enjoy on a whole new level. It was fun to see our culture recreated in Mumbai on the sets ofthe film.”

Definitely a heartthrob, Ali did not just want to flash his good looks in the film. “I wanted my first film to be something more than a chick flick and also challenging for me as an actor,” he says, “I hope this film would serve as something larger than just sheer entertainment.”

But that is not all Ali hopes to achieve with his first step in the film direction: “My goal is to help revive the Pakistani cinema in the coming years using international platforms in collaboration with our industry.”

Can we just say, we are very excited, as not only does the film sound fun, but Ali’s plans sound very ambitious too. Also, it will be fun to see which of the pop royalty will come out on top with his film. A little competition only ever proves to be thrilling, as we always say.

Source: Instep Today

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Nov 29 2009

Reema performs Haj

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Okay, don’t get me wrong. It’s a beautiful thing that has happened to Reems the dreams baby. According to a local newspaper, she’s was in Saudi Arabia to perform Haj. Congratulations. And no, I’m not going to harp on that typical Urdu saying. It’s unfair and physically, I mean felinely impossible.

Reema has undergone many a change over the years, turning to reading books is one of them. Now we know she’s become spiritual as well. So, no need to look back on her electrifying dance performances in Bulandi or swaying moves in Nikah. It takes a moment for a person to change. And Reems baby has changed a lot. After all, she’s no longer a spring chicken, is she?

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