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Feb 01 2010

Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishaan

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Thetube: Death, drama & destruction

By Zamard


On every Saturday night, millions across the country are glued to watching Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishaan (MZZB) a TV drama that is a cross between a Jane Austen/Thomas Hardy novel and Teen Aurteein Teen Kahaniya. However, no one can deny the fact that each episode leaves you wanting for more.

After Lahasil and Doraha, novelist Umera Ahmed’s MZZB is no less than stellar. Directed by Babar Javed and produced by 7th Sky productions, MZZB is about the clash of traditionalists and modernists. The larger than life egos of the elders topped with misogyny, twisted thinking and misunderstandings that end up ruining many lives. The misuse of Quran ki qasam is also highlighted in the serial and shows how fallible beings use the holy text to their advantage without realising the implications and repercussions that come out of it.

The story opens when a young girl, Sara (Sarwat Gillani), shows up unannounced at Arfeen Abbass’s house, informing him of her mother Saba’s death. In flashbacks, we are told as to how Saba is pursued by her cousins Arfeen (Faisal Qureshi) and Adil (Adnan Siddiqi) and it’s the former whom she also adores. However, Saba faces strong opposition from Tai Amma, played by Samina Pirzada and her astute husband, played by a seething Khayam Sarahadi. What follows next is a web of intrigue spun by Tai Amma and her daughters that ultimately results in tarnishing Saba’s character and her divorce from Afreen. The story moves on and focuses on the present where the characters that were pivotal in Saba’s downfall are repentant and willing to make amends.

With Sara and Haider’s (Imran Abbas) romance blossoming, a twist in the tale comes when the former disappears after her Nikah and as a result, some old secrets come into light but not in a pleasant manner. There is a scene in which Saba is beaten mercilessly by her uncle that could have been done more subtly. While the director maybe trying to portray reality, the whole shout fest just solidifies the notion that it is okay for a man to beat a woman to show his dominance.

Over all, there are two stars of the play. Samiya, with her strong theatrical background, had garnered a fan following in an earlier outing when she appeared in PTV’s Zard Dopahar. She comes from a family of illustrious stage artistes, namely Azra Butt and Zohra Sehgul, who rule on both sides of the border. Samiya is a powerhouse of a performer and does not disappoint as the long-suffering Saba.

On the other hand, it is Sarwat Gillani who is a revelation. While the curls are gone for sure, the actress has a new-found confidence and in each frame she shines. From portraying the bewildered look of someone fighting with circumstances to portraying the feelings of a budding romance, Sarwat carries herself with panache, proving that she has come a long way from her non-quintessential role in Jo Baat Ghar Mein Hay and the serials and TV host stints that followed.

Production wise, the play is almost perfect except for the fact that the director could have done better in terms of depicting the time periods. In the flashback scenes that are set some 20 years earlier. The clothes do not confirm to the fashions of the 80s while yet another glaring glitch is the vehicles used. Not a good idea showing a late 1990s model in mid 1980s. Keeping these minor follies aside, Baber Javed has done a good job. Having a huge star cast which includes Khayam Sarahadi, Samina Peerzada, Adnan Siddiqui, Faisal Qureshi, Imran Abbass along with Samiya and Sarwat, it would not be wrong to say that each actor is well suited to the character he or she portrays.

Last but not the least is the haunting score of MZZB that has been superbly sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The title song pulls at your heart strings and is getting plenty of air time on radio and music channels. The video had quite a large number of hits on YouTube before it was removed due to a copy right claim.

MZZB is one of the most watched dramas at the moment and given the way it is discussed at social occasions and on web forums (something worth checking out) it seems that the MZZB mania is going to stay for a long while. Watch this saga of human emotions if you are in a mood for some quality performances over the weekend but do keep a tissue box handy.

Courtesy: Dawn Images

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Dec 05 2009

Drama Serial Koi Lamha Gulab Ho on Hum Tv

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Singer: Ahmed Jahanzaib & Hadiqa Kiyani
Composer: Farrukh Abid
Lyrics: Khawar Kiyani
Director: Asim Ali, Babar Jawed
Producer: Momina Duraid
Writer : Nighat Abdullah

Cast: Naheed Shabbir, Imran Abbas, Samina Pirzada, Haider Sultan, Ali Afzal, Hiba Ali and more…


Click here to watch all Episodes

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Oct 16 2009

Samina Peerzada

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Born: Samina Butt – April 9, 1955
Occupation: Actress/Director
Years active: 1980′s–Present Actress, 1990′s – present Director
Spouse : Usman Peerzada (Married in 1975)

Samina Peerzada is a Pakistani teveision and film actress and director who was born to Moinuddin Butt and Almas Butt in Lahore. Her father is a mechanical engineer. She did her graduation in Commerce. During her academic years she took an active part in extracurricular activities. When she showed an inclination toward acting, both her parents supported her in adopting it as a profession.

In 1975 she married Usman Peerzada, who was also an actor encouraged her career. In 1976 she starred his film Nazdikiyan. This was followed by many films, including “Bazar-e-Husn” and “Khawahish”. She has a long list of TV plays to her credit, among them the popular “Raat” and “Hisar”. She has also performed on stage for such successful productions as “Raaz-o-Niaz” and “Gurya Ghar”.

She has travelled widely, performed in Oslo in an Ibsen festival, and won many awards, including two presidential awards for her films and two Graduate Awards for her work on stage. She has two daughters anum and amal peerzada.

Now, she has become one of the more promising directors hailing from Pakistan’s film industry based in Lahore. She initially directed a string of successful television productions, such as Sophia and Karb for Pakistan Tele-PTV, but later chose to move to the celluluoid world with her rather controversial directorial debut Inteha, a film in which she also had a short role. Inteha was well received in the major urban centers of Pakistan, and paved way for Peerzada to direct Shararat, a film which lacked the slick urban look which people related Peerzada’s films with. She has in recent years put cinema on the backburner and has instead chosen to act in a number of television serials for the plethora of new Pakistani cable / satellite channels. However, Peerzada returns to cinema with Saqib Malik’s directorial debut Ajnabee Shehr Mein where she stars alongside Shaan and Ali Zafar. The film is expected to release sometimes this year.

Currently Samina Peerzada has returned to acting in Pakistani television plays such as Sheeshay Ka Mahal, Kaanch, and Ghar Gharonda.

Recently, Samina Peerzada was invited by Amnesty International India in New Delhi for International Week of Justice Festival, December 5-10, 2008, commemorating the 60th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Samina participated in three public forums for the festival at Jamia Millia Islamia and Alliance Francaise on the issues of women empowerment, democracy and torture.

Some of Samina’s popular drama serials

Drama Serial Mohabbat Kon Rokay on ARY Tv
Drama Serial Zard Dopehar on Ptv
Drama Serial Karb on Ptv
Drama Serial Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Be Nishan on Geo
Drama Serial Noor Pur Ki Rani on Hum Tv
Drama Serial Dil Diya Dehleez on Hum Tv
Drama Serial Ishq Ki Inteha on Geo Tv
Drama Soap Thori Door Saath Chalo Geo Tv
Drama Serial Sheeshay Ka Mahal on Ptv
Drama Serial Koi Lamha Gulab Ho on Hum Tv
Drama Serial Ana on Geo Tv
Drama Serial Chaar Chaand on Geo Tv
Drama Serial Dil e Nadan on Geo Tv
Drama Serial Tair e Lahooti on Hum Tv



* Beyond the last mountain (Musafir)
* Zar Gul (1995) .
* Khwahish (1993)
* Darya Khan (1991)
* Bulandi (1990)
* Mukhra (1988)
* Nazdeekiyan (1986)
* The Blood of Hussain (1981)

Director: 2000s 1990s

* Inteha (1998)
* Shararat (2003)

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Jun 20 2009

Drama Serial Ishq Ki Inteha on Geo Tv

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Two love birds, a 3rd person to make it a love triangle, an underworld don, a gambling father, no-win situations, strength of will and weakness of character are the ingredients making Ishq Ki Intiha a memorable serial.
The whole story is woven around these intricate relations, characters and situations – There is an abundance of twists and turns to the story that keeps it unpredictable, and then it is proven that love knows no bounds and it was an immeasurable love from the start.

Producers : Raheel Rao & Kamran Qureshi
Writer: Zafar Mairaj
Director: Kamran Qureshi
Cast: Humayyun Saeed, Samina Pirzada, Usman Peerzada, Shakeel, Rubina Ashraf, Sarwat Geelani, Saud, Mahmood Aslam, Kashif Mehmood, Adil Wadia, Hassan Niazi

Click here to watch Promo

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Click here to watch Episode

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Apr 27 2009

Drama Serial Koi Lamha Gulab Ho on vidpk

Category: Hum Tv,Koi Lamha Gulab Homansoor @ 6:06 pm

Click here to watch all Episodes
gulab1Cast: Naheed Shabbir, Imran Abbas, Samina Pirzada, Haider Sultan, Ali Afzal, Hiba Ali, Faiq Khan, Khoobsoorat, and more…

Director: Asim Ali, Babar Jawed
Producer: Momina Duraid
Writer : Nighat Abdullah

The 52-episode serial revolves around the life of Faiqa (Naheed Shabbir) who is secretary to Mrs Afendi (Samina Peerzada) a rich, dominating and manipulative woman. Faiqa is very keen to marry off her son, Sheharyar (Imran Abbas) but he is suffering from Cancer and does not want to hide that fact from prospective suitors. He falls in love with Faiqa, and when Mrs Afendi finds that Faiqa needs financial help, she uses the situation to her advantage. She convinces Faiqa to sign a contract whereby she would marry Sheharyar and in the event of his death, if she has borne his child, she would forsake any claims to it and sever all connections with their family. However, things take an unexpected turn when after Sheharyar’s death, his step-brother Asfandyar (Haider Sultan) enters her life. Also playing an important role is Ali Afzal. Hiba ALi is doing the role of Faiqa’s sister named Rabia.

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Apr 18 2009

Drama Serial The Ghost on Hum Tv

Category: Hum Tv,The Ghostmansoor @ 9:56 pm

An eerie serial that leaves you engrossed till the very last scene.

Ghost revolves around Hassan who had been happily married – or so he thought – to Ayeza until she divorces him ten years after their marriage. A broken man, he goes off to England to forget his ex-wife and there comes upon an old castle owned by Mrs Marina. He also meets Sanya and her daughter, and becomes close to them, and also discovers about the life of Danial and Sara. As he stumbles on one discovery after another, he finds that all is not what it seems.

Producer: Momina Duraid
Director: Baber Jawed
Writer: Umaira Ahmed

Cast: Faisal Quraishi (Hassan), Nadia Jameel (Haiza), Asif Raza Mir (Office Col.), Rehan Shaikh, Samina Pirzada, Ismail Bashi, Savera Nadeem, Zimmel (Child Art), Murad

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