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Oct 07 2009

Drama Serial Woh Subah Kab Aayegi on Atv

Category: Atv,Woh Subah Kab Aayegimansoor @ 12:40 pm

When people, even the weakest of creatures, are pushed against the wall, they strike back. Woh Subah Kab Ayei Gee… is the story of three such women who are left with no option in life but to strike back. In tandem, they wage a smart war against three men, responsible for their suffering. Those curious to know the outcome of this war shall watch the drama serial.

Writer & Director: Amin Iqbal

Producer: Samia Aftab

Cast: Ahsan Khan, Sohail Sameer, Jibran, Saba Qamar, Naheed Shabbir, Fiza Ali, Noor-ul-Hasan, Natasha Ali, Naveed Sadique, Raima Khan, Khalid Butt, Azra Aftab

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May 01 2009

Sitcom Reshmi on Geo Tv

Category: Geo Tv,Reshmimansoor @ 12:52 pm

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reshmiA story about a spoilt, naughty and an adventures girl , reshmi, who wants to experience and explore something new every time and is blamed for every mishap ,is known as the biggest trouble creator in the family.Resham who is playing the part of reshmi has a family who remains busy in their own professional lives. The father who’s is a rich minister , in order to achieve his professional goals decides to launch and keep planning about it by taking feedback and discussing view with Celebes and other people

Reshmi’s mother is a busy lady socializing everywhere busy making her contacts and expanding p.r.

Resham is quiet adventures and wants to experiment everything which looks attractive to her, like singing e.t.c still reshmi wants to take charge of her father ‘s business and forcefully handle the channel office. She goes through all the faces all the politics involved in a channel office among the Celebes and a story about her adventures and experiences in her professional life….

Director & Writer : Waseem Abbas

Cast :
Resham , Faisal Rahman , Baboo Barral , Iftikhar Thakur , Qayyum Shahzad , Raima Khan , Sonia Ansari , Roohi Khan , Frooto , Cherris , Waseem Abbas , Ali Abbas , Aali

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