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Apr 29 2009

Drama Serial Alpha Bravo Charlie on Ptv

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Pakistan’s BEST MILITARY DRAMA EVER: ABC (Alpha Bravo Charlie are the names of three companies in
the PAK ARMY).
People who are real life military personnel have acted in this play, directed by Shoaib Mansoor. A sequel of sorts to Sunehray Din which he did a few years ago.

The play caught the audience and media’s attention before it even got started because it was filmed on location in many places. The play realistically portrays military life, both the emotional and physical aspects of it. The cinematography is awesome! The actors are great! The whole play is very well directed, acted, and produced. This play is not one to be missed especially if you need a few good laughs :) .”
Watch Lt.FARAZ, Lt.KASHIF and the one and only Lt. GULSHER have adventures of their own.
Any one interested in seeing how life is in the PAKISTAN ARMY, then this is the Drama to watch!

Drama series Alpha Bravo Charlie (ABC) is written and directed by a well known Pakistani director Shoaib Mansoor. This serial is based on the life of three characters – Gulsher, Kashif and Faraz. They are three young men who wanted a career in Pakistani Army.

In first episodes the main story is about profiling each of these three characters and circumstances why they joined army. Meanwhile, you can see reflections of their great job for army and making themselves and their families proud.

Another very important character is Shahnaz, who is confident, well-mannered and educated young woman playing the role of a friend and a wife.

Alpha Bravo Charlie is a story of bravery and courage told in a way that makes it light hearted yet it remains close to reality.

Written & Directed By : Shoaib Mansoor

Cast: Capt. M. Qasim Khan, Capt. Abdullah Mahmood, Faraz Inam, Shahnaz Khan, Farah Moeen, Hashmat Shaikh, Malik Atta Mohammed Khan, Shahnaaz Khwaja, Wiqar Ahmed, Rafay Moeen, Brig. Tahir, Waqar Ahmed, Farhat Pasha,

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