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Dec 16 2009

Top Ten Dramas of the week

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Dec 11 2009

Faisal Rehman

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Here to stay
By Maliha Mansoor

Getting a super start to his acting career with his debut venture and that too, at the age of fourteen, Faisal Rehman has come a long way in the three decade span of his showbiz career; but he feels there is many a mile to go still…… Here, in an all exclusive talk with HUMSAY, we unearth a facet of Rehman very rarely exposed to the media.

“The two things I always wanted to do from childhood were travelling and joining the Foreign Service” Faisal Rehman reveals, lounging back comfortably in his chair in the lawn of the house where he is busy shooting a comedy serial. But, obviously fate had other plans for him as he was thrown into showbiz while still at school.

“I got an opportunity to work in the film ‘Nahin Abhi Nahin’ – an extraordinary film that shocked people with its extremely out-of-the ordinary theme for the early ’80s – mainly because of the fact that my father was a respected cinematographer in the industry with films like ‘Heer Ranjha’ and ‘Dosti’ to his credit. I didn’t look at it as a career-making move, and in fact, had taken it for granted that this would be a one-timer and the chapter would be closed at its completion. I did not, in my wildest dreams, imagine that it would mark the beginning of a career that would stay with me these thirty years.”
With his characteristic dimpled smile, Rehman goes on to narrate how difficult it was for him to cope with studies and a career which though incidentally thrust upon him, had got him so involved that he couldn’t disengage himself. “My school – St Anthony’s – was a strictly Irish Brother Order and all my shootings were scheduled so I didn’t miss school even one day. The same schedule continued till I graduated – mind you, with flying colours!– from F.C College, Lahore.”

Faisal Rehman and Deepti Gupta in Malal

Although a difficult feat to achieve, not only did Rehman excel in his studies, he also became a roaring success on screen, performing in hit films such as ‘Yeh Zamana Aur Hai’, ‘Nadani’, ‘Love Story’ and ‘Doorian’. But in spite of numerous hits both on the silver screen, and in subsequent years, on the mini-screen, it is his debut movie that remains to date the foremost identification of his acting career.

Courtesy: Humsay

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Nov 13 2009

TV Xenia Season

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The season seems to be of Zeinas (Xenia) and I don’t mean the flower in the literal sense – or it can be if our female names can be Nargis, Chambaeli, or Gulabo. The name Xenia is given to a many petaled, mauve coloured flower. The word Xenia (Greek, means hospitality, courtesy, affection and warmth etc. shown to guests from far away. A beautiful host-guest relationship. Can be written with a ‘Z’ or ‘X’ as ‘X’ stands for ‘S’ as in saviour, Xavier or ‘CH’ as in Christmas (Xmas). So as I was saying, it seems to be the season for Xenias or Zenias on our TV channels. Since only a few channels have lawns and gardens the rest are planting Zenias on the telescreen in form of the female human species which, being the sanf-e-nazuk, is conveniently comparable to the equally beautiful flower, wujood-e-zan sae hai tasweer-e-kainat main rung. Zan (woman) and Zenia (the flower) – though the Urdu word phool is much sweeter and descriptive. So talking about flowers in Telemix makes any sense or does it sound ‘Greek’ to you too’? Why this apparent irrelevant thought process? And you know by now that I am one given to apparently irrelevant thought processes which ultimately lead to relevance. And in this case the relevant fact is that two of our current drama serials namely Barish Kay Ansoo and Malal have two women named Zenia and now our state owned channel (government not to be left behind) is very shortly coming with another Zenia in its coming to-be-launched drama serial Baar. So much for Zenias. To avoid confusion in the storyline and relationships, as I am a typical drama viewer – I’d rather be planting the Zenia flower and watch it grow single-mindedly. TelemixThe new serial to be dished out from last week of October is titled Baar (the hedge) – again horticulture! Hafeez Ahmed, an industrialist and his wife Saira, a beautiful and loving personality have two young offspring, Eeman and her elder brother Shehryar. Hafeez Ahmed and his wife have also brought up – and here comes – Zenia – and Tahir, the children of Hafeez Ahmed’s dead brother. Zenia is already engaged to their son Shehryar. Her brother expects to marry Eeman but Eeman has a soft and loving corner in her heart for Ali. Ali is the son of Nadira – not NADRA, widow of Imtiaz Ahmed, a retired bureaucrat who left behind considerable lands and properties (naturally) and is a Masters in Fine Arts, having many painting exhibitions to his credit. His sister Rubab (now a musical instrument) wants to go for a job after her MBA but her mother Nadira wants her to get married. Tahir not liking Eeman’s inclination towards Ali, plans to eliminate him. He (Tahir) plans a shikaar party in Bahawalnagar near the Indian border. As planned, during the shikaar dacoits attack them with the intention of killing Ali. Ali is wounded and trying to escape, crosses the border and enters India where he is caught by the Border Security Force. Tahir comes back to tell everyone that Ali is dead and succeeds in marrying Eeman. In the meantime, Ali is tortured physically on a typical Indian allegation of being a Pakistani jasoos. A psychiatrist of their intelligence agency takes Ali in hand trying to coax him into working for them, as being a landscape artist, he can sketch locations of vital and strategic importance for their agency. Ali being mentally and physically strong does not break and ultimately escapes and comes back to Pakistan. From here onwards there are many twists and turns that the viewer will get to know on a weekly basis. This serial has been penned by Azmi Ali Khan and Kazim Pasha has directed it. The cast includes Imran Abbas, Savera, Naheed Shabbir, Saba Faisal, Qazi Wajid, Mira Khan etc. Another play which is on air these days on Geo TV is a social family soap titled Kahe Ko Biahi Bedas. A young, good looking and intelligent girl Mehru wants to go for higher studies but her family wants her to get married – a typical tend in our society. She secures first position within her division.   In this family tussle, her aunt comes to her aid and brings her to the city so that she can achieve her ambition. She helps her out in getting an admission in a university. After initial problems of so different natures with her aunts family and fellow students she befriends Fatima whose mother Salma is a politician. Not welcoming Mehru at her home, Salma creates problems and stress for her which she is not capable of dealing with. By accident, a workshop owner Wajahat gets close to Mehru and they tie the knot. This character, Seth Wajahat, is an extremely jealous chauvinist husband. Mehru’s cousin Saleem being always interested in her and wanting very hard to impress the girl, takes the undesired direction and becomes a pawn of low class to Salma’s high level politics. The events take a turn – Saleem kills Wajahat and makes off to save himself. Meanwhile, Mehru is accused of killing her own husband and is sent to serve a sentence. What these complexities and turbulations hold in store for her will be unfolding weekly with the airing of this dramatic presentation. The production mix consists of Beenish Chouhan, Suhail Asghar, Parveen Akber, Shehzad Reza, Naeema Garaj, Shabbir Jan, Rubina Ashraf, Ahsan Khan, Kanwal and others as players of Ghazala Naqvi’s story working under the direction of Siraj ul Haq.

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Nov 02 2009

It’s All About Drama!

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It all started with drama and drama is what it’s all about. Whether it is news, current affairs, music, children’s programmes, documentaries or plays, all have their dramatic moments. Drama can begin from any real life event and can culminate in a tragic or a happy ending while traversing a path of a series of events like action, interaction, humour (comic relief), villainy and goodness of characters living through life and depicted as fiction. Keeping in mind that truth is stronger than fiction, we can safely assume that the stories narrated through the genre of drama or the literary style of the story teller (the writer) in form of a play have their base in real life just waiting for the observing eye, the understanding and assimilating mind and the sensitive heart to pen the same through nature’s most creative tool – the hand. It’s the script that is enacted by the players under direction which gives us, what we call drama – same applying in the political scenario as well.
Drama was and still is the main attraction for a majority of viewers. GEO, while introducing various, innovative and trend-setting programmes on current and human interest topics never lost sight of this fact and is today giving its viewers the best of plays and are going strong in the field of drama category.
Barish Kay Ansoo (BKA)is an engrossing story evolving from the backdrop of our showbiz world – specifically television production. It is about a local writer Bina. Our writer meets a TV director of a local channel, Asim, with a proposal for a drama serial which is approved. While working together on the serial they fall in love and get married. Sunder Kaur aka Shahla, a Sikh heroine, is invited from across a neighbouring country. She stays at Asim’s and Bina’s home and when production begins Asim’s maximum time is spent with Shahla. Bina in her effort to be recognised, gives ideas, towards the production but is put down by Asim who tells her to mind the gharaeloo affairs which is a wife’s domain. Shahla gets closer to Asim as she sees him as a stepping stone to stardom whereas Asim has genuinely and really fallen in love with her. Bina hasn’t been able to conceive so Asim, making this the reason, marries Surender Kaur (Shahla). Another twist comes when Asim’s father Salman, owner of the city’s biggest ad agency, whose wife Zinia (Asim’s mother) has spent her married life feeling inferior to him, meets Soofia – daughter of his manager. Soofia is a homely and hard working girl. Salman asks his manager for her hand in marriage which his manager agrees to very happily but life is not that easy. What is to come – the dramatic twists and turns, let’s wait and see. Asif Raza Mir, Saba Hameed, Faisal Qureshi, Maria Wasti, Irum Akhtar, Humayun Naz are the players portraying the characters which have been created by Mohammed Asif, the writer and directed by Barkat Ali Siddiqui. Producer of this near to life drama is Mehboob Tanvir Ajmi. The drama has made a promising start. Stay tuned and you are sure to enjoy the happening serial.
While another noteworthy drama serial is Malal which is being aired on one of the many private channels. This channel too, has proved to come up with sure winners in the drama category. Malal has been written by Umaira Ahmed, directed by Mehreen Jabbar and produced by Momina Duraid. The story characters are played by Faisal Rehman, Imran Abbas, Sarwat Gillani, Shamim Hilali and Deepti (rhymes deliciously with Hi-tea) can be seen every Friday at prime time. Mehreen Jabbar has made a comeback after quite some time and you can be sure of the fact that where there is Mehreen, dusky Deepti’s bound to be there. A good actor for sure, but again we have plenty of good actors in Pakistan also. Then why bring them in from across the border?
This gripping serial revolves around Zinia (not the Zinia in BKA but another character of the same name) and Danish who are close friends of fifteen years, living in the US. Danish goes to Pakistan to visit his mother, and agrees to get married to his young cousin, Mahi, at his mother’s insistence. When Zinia learns of his marriage, she becomes extremely upset. Meanwhile, she meets Jawad, who she later learns is Mahi’s cousin, and who becomes interested in her. They begin to meet frequently, which upsets Danish, and the realisation that his wife is immature does not help their relationship either. What happens next is for the makers to know and you to find out. Happy viewing.

MAG Oct. 24 – 30 , 2009

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Oct 06 2009

Drama Serial Malal on Hum Tv

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This gripping serial revolves around Zinia and Danish who are close friends of fifteen years, living in the US. Danish goes to Pakistan to visit his mother, and agrees to get married to his young cousin, Mahi, at his mother’s insistence. When Zinia learns of his marriage, she becomes extremely upset. Meanwhile, she meets Jawad, who she later learns is Mahi’s cousin, and who becomes interested in her. They begin to meet frequently, which upsets Danish, and the realization that his wife is immature does not help matters. To make the situation worse, Zinia discovers that Mahi is being blackmailed by someone from her past. Does she manage to salvage her relationship with her husband, or does he end up with Zinia, after all? Does Zinia develop feelings for Jawad? To find out, watch Malaal.

Directed by: Mehreen Jabbar

Written by: Umera Ahmed

Starring: Imran Abbas, Faisal Rehman, Shamim Hilali, Sarwat Gillani and Deepti Gupta

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OST – Behti Naar by Rushk

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