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Oct 11 2009

Behroz Sabzwari

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Behroze Sabzwari, is a Pakistani Film / Television actor. He was born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1957.

Behroze began his career from Radio Pakistan as Radio presenter, In the late 1970s he start his acting career as a child artist in “Live” television kids play Dada jan Nana jan. He won popularity with a TV play Khuda Ki Basti, in 1974 with his role Nausha.
He performs serious and comic roles with equal ease. Among his successful TV serial is Tanhaiyaan, It was Qabacha that endeared him to many households. Also did good acting in “Mera Naam Mangoo” (Drama serial about professional beggars).

Behorze has appeared in a number of television commercials. He has also done many stage plays, including Mirza Ghalib Bandar Road Par. Mirza Ghalib Bandar Road Par was the famous play of Khawaja Moinuddin. As a matter of fact this play was the earliest of Behroz plays and introduced him to the TV viewers throughout Pakistan in early seventies.
He was married to Javaid Sheikh’s sister Safeena and living happily ever after. Behroz has been with Pakistan TV for the last 26 years.

Behroz as Qabacha with Marina Khan

Behroz as Nausha with Qazi Wajid

Behroz with Mehmood Ali in MGBRP

Behroze is a son of Dr. Sabzwari, his father was a Naval officer. He got married to Safeena in 1986 and has two children. His son Sheroze Sabzwari, is follows his footstep and acted in several sitcoms and television plays. Besides acting, Behroze Sabzwari owns a car showroom on Tariq Road in Karachi.

Behroz Sabzwari in Movie Chief Saab

Some famous Tv Plays & Serials

* Khuda Ki Basti
* Professor
* Tanhaiyaan
* Ankahi
* Mera Naam Hai Mangoo
* Mandi
* Uljhan
* Gharana Fasana
* Yeh Zindagi Hai
* Koi Tou Baarish
* Socha Na Tha
* Aik Graduate Ki Long Story Short Main
* Baray Baray Dahi Baray
* Pasoori
* Hastey Bastey
* Mirza Ghalib Bunder Road Per
* Aania
* Maamta
* Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai
* Zra si aurat
* Brahim Ki Talash
* Footpath ki Ghaas
* Kachwa aur Khargosh
* Nana Jan Dada Jan


* Ittefaq
* Dil Waley
* Palkon Ki Chahaon
* Naseeb
* Halchal
* Chief Saab
* Mushkil
* Ek Aur Love Story
* Khulay Asman Ke Niche
* Traffik
* Tere Ghar Ke Samnay
* Khush-naseeb

An Interview with Behroz Sabzwari
There are certain actors for whom the television has played the part of an institution. Behroz Sabzwari is one of them. Having started acting from a very young age, he was groomed and polished by the seasoned actors with whom he worked.

His association with television dates back to November 1967 when his first play, Nana Jan Dada Jan was made. He has fond memories of the drama that was telecast live. “I remember I forgot the dialogues that I was to deliver, however, the senior actors covered it up somehow,” he says with a chuckle. Neither was he scolded for this, nor was his blunder noticed by the audience. In fact being very young, he was always encouraged and supported by the people around him.

“I wasn’t aware of the fact that I can act, but all I can remember is that I could mimic people very well,” he reveals.

On being questioned about why he is mostly seen in the comic roles, Sabzwari says that an actor has to do whatever work he is offered. “However, I did act in plays in which I played a negative role or serious ones such as Khuda ki Basti and Uljhan,” he tries to clarify.

Behroz in Brahim ki Talash

Behroz in Uljhan

The character he played in the serial Mandi is his favourite one as he considers it one of the most satisfying works he has ever done. It gave him the opportunity to portray a person who undergoes various changes as he grows from a young lad to an old man. But this is not all, Kachwa aur Khargosh, Mera Naam Mungoo and Ankahi are also some of his memorable works.

Sabzwari disapproves of the unprofessional attitude of the newcomers in showbiz these days. And what bothers him the most is their unpunctuality.

The credit of Behroz’s most popular performance, in the role of Kabacha in Tanhaiyan, goes to his craze for watching movies. “Shahzad Khalil told me that the character I had to play in the serial was penned by the Haseena Moin,” he recalls. Sabzwari realised that he had to put in his best to stand out in the play which also had other notable artists. The director asked him to watch as many movies starring Peter Sellers as he could get hold of, for the roles the Hollywood actor played in his movies had a lot in common with the character in Tanhaiyan.

Sabzwari says that he is a Marlon Brando, Anthony Hopkins and Robert De Niro buff. He is also appreciative of the acting of Dustin Hoffman and tries to watch all the movies of these actors to observe the finer points of their art.

Behroze Sabzwari, Bushra Ansari, Rubina Ashraf, Safina Behroz with Groom Ali Haider & Bride Sabika

Among the younger lot, he likes Nicholas Cage. However, the actor confesses that he admires the work done by the senior actresses and has too many favourites to name just one.

The genre of movies that Behroz enjoys the most is romance. “I like love stories and at times thrillers too, it all depends upon my mood,” he opines. The actor clarifies that by romantic movies he doesn’t necessarily mean a-girl-meets-a-boy story, but movies that touch one’s heart and soul, have an emotional feel to it.

Behroz Sabzwari blames the atmosphere of the cinema halls as well as the standards of movies that are made in Pakistan for the audience’s lack of interest in the silver screen. He doesn’t like to watch films in the local cinema halls but whenever he goes abroad, he makes it a point to watch a movie in the cinema.

Behroz in Mirza Ghalib Bunder Road Per

He likes music of all sorts, and is particularly fond of semi-classical. Like many people these days, taking time out to listen to music is difficult for this actor.

“I don’t have much time to listen to music nowadays, but I still cherish songs by Mehdi Hasan, Adnan Sami and Shafqat Amanat Ali,” he reveals. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is a singer whom he admires the most. He likes the late mastero for his versatility as well as his voice and choice of lyrics. However, when it comes to the younger generation of singers, Behroze has little to say about them as he feels that few have come up with any remarkable music to be remembered by. Among the English singers, he admires Shirley Bassey, but over all he is not too passionate about Western music.

Sabzwari laments that he doesn’t have time to read books anymore. The one book that he believes is beyond comparison with any other book on earth is the Holy Quran. Apart from that, he loves to read poetry. That is probably why he has a collection of works by Parveen Shakir and Nasir Kazmi.

He admits openly that he is not much into reading and therefore wouldn’t name books in order to show off.

Favourite Movie: The Godfather
Favourite book: Nasir Kazmi’s Devan
Favourite music: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Behroz Sabzwari with wife Safina in Nadia Khan Show

Behroz in Brunch with Bushra

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May 08 2009

Drama Serial Khuda Ki Basti on Ptv

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KHUDA KI BASTI ( 1969 & 1974 )
PTV’s “Mother of All Serials”
By RAJU JAMIL, Karachi

Shaukat Siddiqui’s Adamjee Adabi prize winner of 1964 “Khuda Ki Basti” is perhaps the only novel-based TV serial in the history of Pakistan which not only drew large viewer-ship but still remains an infectious memory of yesteryears.

Initially, KKB was produced in Nov-1969 jointly by producers ; Ishrat Ansari and Rasheed Umar Thanvi at Karachi TV’s that small and historical studio “A” which still stands galore at the Centre. There was an advisory committee of KKB comprising a panel of famous intellectuals; Faiz Ahmed Ahmed, Jamiluddin Aali besides Shaukat Siddiqui himself to ensure the perfection of the adaptation of the novel into drama.

The 1969 black & white serial had a booty of top PTV artiste of Karachi; Zahin Tahira, Zafar Masud, S.M.Saleem, Zahoor Ahmed, Qazi Wajid, Zafar Siddiqui, Tauqir Fatima, Shahjee, Arsh-e-Munir, Qayyum Arif, Amir Khan, Iqbal Tareen, Shakil Chughtai, Andaleeb, Raju Jamil and many others. It was a 25 minute weekly serial then which lasted 26 episodes. It is said that the day of KKB’s telecast saw the roads and streets of Karachi without traffic….soundless and absolutely quiet. The invitation cards of the wedding parties being held on the day and time of KKB’s schedule, always carried a small message saying “ TV Set Ka Bhi Intizam Hai “.

Halfway through KHUDA KI BASTI on air during 1969, the leading girl Tauqir Fatima suddenly expired of ulcer problem. Her on going character was replaced by the inclusion of Mussarat Sahafi.

At the unofficial awards ceremony held in Apr-1970 at Rio Cinema hall, KHUDA KI BASTI bagged 15 awards with Qazi Wajid receiving as the best actor award for character of “Raja” and Zahin Tahira as leading girl’s mom. The best supporting actor award went to Raju Jamil for his memorable character of “GEOFFERY” calling his subordinate “Solomon” instead of Salman. Both; Ishrat Ansari and Rasheed Umar Thanvi received the best producers award…a black & white 23” TV set.

In 1974 when Z. A. Bhutto was PM, he directed Yusuf Buch his Information Advisor for re-telecast of KHUDA KI BASTI as it was Bhutto’s favorite serial having awami message also. But the PTV had problems as the VTRs
( Video Tape Recordings ) of KKB on spool then (1969), had long been erased due to their scarcity and re-recording of other programs. Z.A.Bhutto insisted that the serial must be re-telecast even if fresh recording is essential hence the entire cast (of 1969 version) was again gathered at Producer Bakhtiar Ahmed’s room at Karachi TV Centre except for Zafar Masud who died in car accident in Egypt a year back, Iqbal Tareen who migrated to USA and Andaleeb who had shifted to Bangladesh in 1971. Zafar’s role as “Nausha” was enacted by Behroze Subzwari ( a young lad then ) and Andaleeb’s by Zooni Butt the then famous TV model and Iqbal’s by Saqib Shaikh as Salman. The rest of the cast remained the same with Munawwar Sultana ( now Mrs. Ghulam Mohiuddin ) playing the leading girl “Sultana”.

The 1974 version of re-recorded KHUDA KI BAST was 50 minute episode which lasted 13 weeks and created the same impact which the 1969 version did. It was KKB and nothing for the viewers. Bakhtiar did the fine job and this time the entire serial has been well maintained by PTV with a repeat telecast in 1990 which termed the adaptation of Shaukat Siddiqui’s novel KHUDA KI BASTI as “Mother of All Serials” at Pakistan Television.


Written by: Shaukat Siddiqui
Directed by : Bakhtiyar Ahmed

Cast : Zaheen Tahira, Qazi Wajid, Mehmood Ali, Zahoor Ahmad, Mohammed Yusuf, Zooni Butt, Raju Jameel, Arsh e Muneer, M Yahya, Tayyabb Ali, Liaquat Durrani, Hassan Shaheed Mirza, Imtiaz Ahmed, Shahid Jaffery, Subhani Bayounus, Shakeel Chughtai, Behroz Sabzwari, Munawwar Sultana, S M Saleem, Saqib Sheikh

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