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Feb 12 2010

Sajid Hassan

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sajid_hasanSajid Hasan (b.1963) is a well known actor from Pakistan. He started off as a theater personality and then moved to television. Sajid Hasan’s first major drama series was Khalij. He became more recognized in the play Dhoop Kinare in which he played a comic role. He has written many plays which include Kuchwa Aur Khargosh and Gum. He is also the first Pakistani actor to work in an Indian television serial, Tanha, in 1997 on Star Plus.

Sajid was made his debut in films in 2004 with the movie Salakhain in which he played the antagonist. He then did also perform in Pehla Pehla Pyar. He was also in a small role in the movie A Mighty Heart. Sajid Hasan has two sisters. He is married and has one son. he got injured in karachi blast. He lives in Karachi. One of his later plays is “Tan Sen.”

List of Plays & Drama Serials:

• Taan Sen
• Sitara aur Mehrunnissa
• Dhoop Kinare
• Agar
• Khaleej
• Masuri
• Jaaye Kahaan Yeh Dil
• Kuchwa Aur Khargosh
• Jab Hatheli Per Chand Likhna
• Anokha Bandhan
• Yad tou aayen gay
• Rani
• Jab Jab Dil Miley
• Koi Aur Hai
• Aa Mere Piyar ki Khushboo
• Bewafiyan
• Nijaat
• Shikwah
• Lahasil
• Aashti
• Mulaqat


* Salakhain, (2004)
* Pehla Pehla Pyar, (2006)
* A Mighty Heart, (2007)

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Jan 18 2010

Abid Ali wants to produce film

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abid ali11_13

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Oct 09 2009

Abid Ali

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Abid ali in Uraan

There are very few actors who have that charisma which can inspire the young and old alike. Abid Ali belongs to this rare breed of actors because of his incredible performances and mesmerising personality. Abid reigned over the silver screen during the ’70s and ’80s and has scores of hit serials to his credit. Abid Ali (March 17, 1952) is a Pakistani television actor who has acted in numerous television productions. Abid reigned over the silver screen during the ’70s and ’80s and has scores of hit serials to his credit. But, he has not yet resigned from the shiny world of glamour and fame and is still going strong.
He was married to Humaira Ali but they are now separated. He had three daughters with Humaira: Iman Ali, Maryam Ali and Raimah Ali. Iman Ali, who is an actress and model, confesses to having a distant relationship with her father. [2] He married Rabia Naureen in 2006.

In a candid interview with Tview, he came out not only as a superb actor but also as a sensitive person with a thoughtful mind. Talking to Abid Ali was more than a pleasure. Looking as dashing as ever, he spoke in a humble manner and made us feel that we were never strangers

He says about himself: Since my school days I was inclined towards writing, and then I started painting. Acting wasn’t on my mind. I just knew that I wanted to do something creative. Between 1968 and 1969 when I was in college, Ata Shad from Radio Pakistan spotted me and told me that I had a good voice. I went for an audition which I passed and in this way I started to work for radio while I was also studying in college. Then in ’73, I came to Lahore and tried my luck at PTV, and after going through many auditions, I eventually got myself entered into the electronic world or as you say silver screen.

Abid ali in Waris

When we started, there wasn’t much money in this field, but in spite of that, people were committed and professional. Now times have changed. There is much more money involved – thanks to private channels and productions; nowadays actors want to become rich and famous overnight, they are more interested in minting money than to concentrate on their work, they accept every offer that comes their way. Another major difference which I’ve noticed is that in the past, actors were prone towards reading and learning so that they could emerge as good actors. Whereas today despite having access to books, computers and above all internet, our performers seems little interested in learning or reading. Sadly, in our country, there is no institution which can edify young actors. These days everything is going on. Nobody is noticing what is good and what is bad. I also feel that journalism is also responsible in shaping actors. These days even journalists also do not play their part effectively. They only report, they don’t analyse.

Abid ali in Mehndi

Work should be judged. Safdar Mir, one of the good critics, used to write so well. But now that era has also gone. We are hardly left with any good drama critics. I personally believe that we need to give training in every sphere – be it script writing or acting abilities. Not only that we also need improvement in technology – visual/audio/sound quality, recording equipment, transmition quality etc. Getting old is a reality so it’s better if you face it with dignity.

For me it’s a part of life and the best part about aging is that you learn a lot – if you want to. Look at today’s high-tech life; things are growing fast; improvement can be seen in every sphere of life — drama has improved with the coming of computer effects. So, if one has the desire to learn, one can always benefit oneself from latest technologies, no matter what his age may be.

As an actor, you find yourself working sixteen – may be eighteen hours a day, and doing nothing you would put your name to. In a twelve hour day, you kill ten hours just waiting, in a particular state of half-alertness, waiting to go on. It’s not satisfactory. Its’ a slog. I love acting – and I hate it. I despise it because I despise falsehood. You feel fraudulent, all the time, every day!

Television Serials

* Jhok Siyaal(Lahore TV)1973
* Waris(Lahore TV)1979-80
* Mehndi (2003) TV mini-series – Hassan Ali
* Saheli (2007) TV series
* Sahiba (1992)
* Moosa Khan (2001)
* Mr Bhatti on Chutti (2009)
* samandar (as ahemad kamal/iftikhar ali)
* Doosra Asmaan
* Maa aur Maamta, Indus Tv
* Masi Aur Malka, Geo Tv
* Piyas, Ptv
* Uraan, Ptv
* Phir Kho Jaye Na, Ary Tv
* Baitiyan, Hum Tv
* Thora Thora Piyar, Geo Tv
* Jab Jab Dil Miley, Ptv
* Dasht, Ptv
* Tum Kahan Hum Kahan, Geo Tv
* Moorat, Ptv
* Ahsaas,Ptv
* Sirf Aik Baar, Tv One
* Veena, Ary Tv
* Burns Road ki Neelofar, Geo Tv
* Amar Bail, Ptv

Abid Ali on Atv


* Mr. Bhatti On Chutti (2009)
* Doenay Jung (1990)
* Gharibon Ka Badshah (1988)
* Awaaz (1985)

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Aug 17 2009

Humayun Saeed

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Humayun Saeed: Master of his dream By Anis Shakur

Never before in modern Pakistani entertainment had one man risen so high so fast.

Within a short period of time, he became the awe and envy of the Pakistani public.
Below is an amiable look back at the life and accomplishments of Humayun Saeed.

Humayun was born into an enlightened family on July 27, 1971, in Karachi. Being the eldest amongst five brothers, his parents expected a lot from him.
As a child, he had a craze for movies. His favorite past time was to stand in front of a mirror and to fantasize being a film actor.
Though initially he seemed an ordinary kid, his zeal for acting set him apart from other children.
Such focused determination took that boy where he wanted to go-to the top.
In times due course, he successfully completed a bachelor of commerce degree.
Humayun stepped into the practical life as a production manager in a garment factory in Karachi. He stayed there from 1991- 1995.
By sheer determination, he drove himself forward.
As mentioned earlier, Humayun demonstrated an unusual aptitude for show business from his earlier days.
From 1995 onwards, he associated himself with Pakistani television. First he appeared as an artist in numerous television plays and drama serials.
Later, he started his own production, known as H.S. Production.
Side by side, Humayun also participated in modeling and fashion designing. Additionally, he also made his presence felt in the ‘Dalda’ advertisement.
If he has spared anything, then it must be imaginative enough to venture beyond his expertise. That scenario is highly unlikely. Considering Humayun’s enormous acting potential, brilliance and a very high I.Q.
A novice in television, Humayun was eager to learn and quickly mastered the techniques.
The first television play in which Humayun worked as an artist, was ‘Ye Jahan’.
He was famous for his looks, his etiquette and above all, for his impressive voice.
The masterpieces began to flow, as they would over several years. He received another boost in public awareness from more plays like ‘Farz Aik Qarz’, ‘Lahu say kar kay wuzu’ and ‘Waqt’.
Some of his television plays are an epic story of ordinary people trying to make it against all odds.
Humayun is as good as his word.
He was teamed up with Sania Saeed, Perveen Malik, Ghazala Butt and others, in the play, ‘Shayad Kay Bahar Aaye’. Producer, Sultana Siddiqui, director, Rana Sheikh.
Humayun is not just an artist, He is an event.
Who else can give us so much pleasure now and hopefully for years to come?
He brings out all his emotions in plays like, ‘Ghazi Shaheed’, ‘Aaj’ and ‘Zeher’.
Presumably, the carrot that keeps him motivated is the glory of performance.
Inching his way to stardom was like scaling a mountain to Humayun.
The public has seen him in numerous television plays. Each of them is a new inspiration for his adoring fans.
Humayun, who now enjoys an exceptionally huge devoted following, gave a superb performance in the plays, ‘Ye Zindigi’, ‘Bund Darwazay’ and ‘Unhoni’.
His loyal following grew so fervent in the recent past that his video and or DVD’s became almost like a most sought after item.
Humayun has successfully experimented with hundreds of television plays. Below are three such success stories:
‘Jang’, ‘Janay Unjanay’, ‘Peela Jora’.
If aficionados of Pakistani entertainment have any thing to say about Humayun, this is what it is: ‘You have our eternal gratitude for delivering such profound lessons in such easy ways’.
Below are three such lessons:
‘Kheil kheil mein’, ‘Doosri duniya’ and Ye ghari hai Milan kee.’
Undoubtedly, Humayun mania is for real. Debonair Humayun, who is six feet tall, is married to Samina.
He unleashed his power to succeed and came up with magnificent performances in the plays below:
‘Zindigi badalti hai’, ‘Kabhi kabhi pyar mein’, ‘The castle-Ik Umeed.’
With the passage of time, he learned much about friendship, teamwork and most of all, about himself.
Moreover, no statistics could measure the fame he achieved in the recent past. It increases with every passing day.
Smitten, Humayun finds himself pulled toward production. From ‘Humayun Saeed Production’, he has produced the serial, ‘Tum he to ho.’
Further, from ‘H.S. Production, Humayun has also produced long plays like ‘Pehli Khahish’, ‘Adhuray Khawab’, ‘Dil wo bay mehar’ and ‘Undekhi’.
He is a great talker with a reputation for wit. Through his plays, Humayun has had a tremendous effect across Pakistani social landscape, as well.
There was a cluster of distinctively Pakistani works, such as drama serial, ‘Jab jab dil milay’. Its location shooting was done in Malaysia.
Likewise, the drama serial, ‘Chahatain’, was also shot in Malaysia. ‘Chahatain’, executive producer, Samina (wife of Humayun Saeed) cast includes Humayun Saeed, Uzma Gilani, Vaneeza Ahmed, Atiqa Odho.
As the times have changed, so has Pakistani show business.
As for Humayun’s work, his acting just keeps getting better. He brought his valuable experience to the play ‘Unjanay raastay.’
The cast includes Humayun Saeed, Tazeen Husain, and Shafi Mohammad. Penned by Zeb Sindhi, director, Misbah Khalid.
Humayun also had an important role, which he played with dramatic effect, in the long play, ‘Farar’ with Mehreen Jabbar.
His portrayal of a cancer patient in the drama serial ‘Mehendi’ is unparalleled.
He is a fabulous actor-there is such vitality and imagery in his work.
By 2002, he was the most sought after artist of Pakistani television.
Consequently, directors and producers are in his debt.
In a recent interview, he spoke about his life. ‘People want me in the television plays’, he says, ‘and that is a lot to live up to.’
His personal flair, his love of music, dance and parties. His favorite dish is biryani and favorite color is black.
Humayun, at 32 years of age, has achieved so much name, fame and experience, that it is hard to believe.
To read about his exciting life is like watching a good movie that we did not want to end.
Humayun made his name in movies, as well. He debuted in the film ‘Inteha’, in which he was dubbed as an abusive husband.
He played the role of a prostitute in the film ‘No paisa no problem’.
The television and movie artists who inspired Humayun include, Talat Husain, Shabbir Jan, Shafi Mohammad, Rahat Kazmi, Nadeem and Waheed Murad.
Humayun was judged best actor for his performance in the television play ‘Ab tum ja saktay ho’, in 1996, for ‘The television Performance Awards.
He was judged best actor for his performance in the television – film ‘Zeher’ in 1996.
He was judged best actor for his roles in the plays, ‘Sawal’, ‘Umeed-e-Sehr’ and ‘Kankgan’.
He was judged best actor for his performance in the film ‘Inteha’ and he received ‘The Television Times Viewer’s Choice Award’.
In the year 2003, his competency and artistic skills are awesome and only improving.
Apart from his acting skills, Humayun possess a vast business experience in garments.
Hence, Humayun and his brother, Aamir, opened men’s boutique at Zamzama boulevard and an outlet at Tariq Road.
In Humayun, Pakistanis have received a gift even greater than other gifts, which one could have offered them.
For Humayun and the likes of him, have only strengthened and renewed this country’s culture.
With their success has come a powerful affirmation-that the human spirit can never be extinguished.

Some popular Drama serials of Humayun Saeed

  1. Aangan Bhar Chandni
  2. Dil Kay Afsanay
  3. Dil Kay Afsanay
  4. Jaisey Jantey Nahin
  5. Koi Tou Baarish
  6. Riyasat
  7. Socha Na Tha
  8. Aashti
  9. Ana
  10. Aur Zindagi Badalti Hai
  11. Chaahatain
  12. Chaandni Raatain
  13. Dhoop Mein Sawan
  14. Dhuwan
  15. Doosri Aurat
  16. Hum Se Juda Na Hona
  17. Ishq Junoon Deewangi
  18. Jab Jab Dil Miley
  19. Mehndi
  20. Meri Adhoori Mohabbat
  21. Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Be Nishan
  22. Shayad Kay Bahaar Aaye
  23. Tere Ishq mein
  24. Tum Kahan Hum Kahan
  25. Woh Rishtey Woh Naatay
  26. Yaad Tu Aayen Gey

7th Sky entertainment

Seventh Sky has a core management team that believes in leading from the front. Abdullah Kadwani and Humayun Saeed, who are acknowledged and acclaimed wizards in their own right, lead the company. Under their aegis, Seventh Sky Entertainment has been able to carve a niche from the onset, for each one of the two, at the core of their workings have an enviable list of accolades.
Together this dream team is responsible for all aspects of execution, starting from planning to casting to production management at Seventh Sky. Their expertise help them effectively manage and look after business, marketing and strategic planning of Seventh Sky projects to create successful projects each time.

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Aug 17 2009

Shakeel ( Yusuf Kamal )

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Shakeel: For the love of acting By Anis Shakur

Shakeel as Uncle Urfi

Shakeel as Uncle Urfi

Yusuf Kamal was born on 29th May 1938, in Bhopal, India, to a highly enlightened family. He shared the big world with his two younger brothers and a sister. Yusuf received his primary education in an English medium school, in the pre-partitioned India. Additionally, he also acquired education in a French missionary school in India.

Yusuf migrated to Karachi, Pakistan, along with his family in 1952. Young Yusuf had a flair for acting since his childhood. During his school days in Karachi, Yusuf regularly participated in the extra curricular activities. Soon after graduation, Yusuf made his presence felt in stage plays as well.

Yusuf Kamal changed his name to Shakeel and debuted in the 1966 film, ‘Honehar.’ Cast included Shakeel- Waheed Murad- Rukhsana- Tarannum- Kamal Irani. For Shakeel, the film ‘Honehar,’ was a challenge he met with ferocious gusto.

Shakeel’s first television play was ‘Naya Raasta,’ which was penned by Hasina Moin and telecast from Karachi television in 1971.

Essentially, Shakeel is a natural actor, who applies himself earnestly as a professional duty. Karachi television presented special Eid-ul-fitr play ‘Happy Eid,’ in the 1970s. Shakeel and Neelofar Abbasi, formerly known as Neelofar Aleem, came up with resplendent artistry and made ‘Happy Eid,’ a memorable play. In the final moments of the play, Shakeel wishes ‘Happy Eid,’ to Neelofar and she greets him with ‘Eid Mubarak.’ They looked right at each other and smiled. It was quite a smile.

The will to succeed is part of the Pakistani culture. Shakeel and Neelofar Abbasi teamed up again in Haseena Moin’s highly successful Karachi television drama serial, ‘Shehzori.’

You can do a world of good for yourself if you keep a steady course.

The above statement rings too true to Shakeel. Dwelling on Shakeel’s immense artistic prowess, ‘Uncle urfi,’ could be ranked among the three greatest drama serials in Shakeel’s forty-year eventful career. Cast included Shakeel in the title role of ‘Uncle urfi,’ Shehla Ahmed as Beena, Qurban Jeelani as Shaheed bhai, Azra Sherwani as Ghazi, Jamshed Ansari as Hasnat bhai.

As the story goes, Shakeel, who is super-smartly dubbed as ‘Uncle urfi,’ takes interest in Beena. In reality, uncle urfi was desirous to make Beena happy. Logically, urfi should have taken Beena into confidence before doing her a favor. Instead, he kept her in the dark. The final moments of the last episode are fraught with pain and pathos.

Urfi tells Beena with certitude, ‘hamari shadi hogi to sara zamana deikhey ga.’ to which poor Beena replies, ‘kuchh shadiyaan dil kay weerano mein bhi to ho jaati hain, sirif khuda gawah hota hai.’

The emotionally charged conclusion of ‘Uncle urfi,’ was so unexpected that literally nobody was prepared for it. Indeed, Haseena Moin had instilled so much despair in its dialogues that thirty-two years later, it still stands as a classic in its bittersweet illustration of the unbreakable bond of family.

Further, Shakeel achieved enduring fame in Haseena Moin’s mega hit drama serial, ‘Un kahi.’ Cast included Shakeel as Taimur, Shehnaz Sheikh as Sana Murad, Javed Sheikh as Faraz, Saleem Nasir as Sheheryar, Jamshed Ansari as Timmi.

Initially, Taimur did not tolerated Sana Murad’s demeanor. But Taimur’s father-in-law, played by Qazi Wajid, suggests, ‘Taimur, logoan kay chehray parha karo, ye duniya ki sub say dil chasp kitaab hotay hain.’ That changed Taimur’s perception of Sana Murad and he managed to see the sincere girl behind the confused Sana Murad.

Most importantly, Shakeel’s numerous roles always heighten the sweetness of living. ‘Uroosa,’ is another popular television drama serial of Shakeel. Cast includes Shakeel- Ghazala Kaifi- Adnan Siddiqui- Mishi Khan.

As the story unfolds, Shakeel divorced his first wife, Ghazala Kaifi. Mishi Khan, who plays the title role of ‘Uroosa,’ happens to be the daughter of Shakeel from his first wife, Ghazala Kaifi. ‘Uroosa,’ wins everyone’s heart through her etiquettes. She weds Adnan Siddiqui, who lives next door.

All the Pakistani television drama serials deal very well with Shakeel, who plays them splendidly. Shakeel is also famous for his social services. He was proactive during the recent earthquake in Pakistan. Likewise, he takes active participation in anti smoking campaign. Furthermore, Shakeel conferred awards to the winners in the most recent Pakistani television award ceremony held in Karachi.

In recognition of his enormous contribution to the show business, Shakeel won the pride of performance award in 1992. Shakeel’s is a long, healthy, prosperous life, and a life really well lived.

The other day, Shakeel attended a function. Tens of hundreds of devoted admirers gathered around Shakeel and said, ‘hum Aap ka yaad gaar tareen kirdaar, ‘uncle urfi,’ kabhi na bhool payein gey.’

Shakeel replied, ‘Thank you and good cheer to all.’ Then slowly he walked away and soon vanished into the crowd.

The End

Shakeel’s movies are listed below:

1. The 1968 film ‘Josh-e-intiqaam,’ cast, Shakeel, Deeba  Adeeb
2. The 1968 film ‘Nakhuda,’ cast, Shakeel- Rukhsana- Ibrahim Nafees.
3. The 1968 film ‘Papi,’ cast, Shakeel- Bano- Sitara.
4. The 1968 film ‘Zindigi,’ cast, Shakeel- Ghazala- Ejaz- Tariq Aziz
5. The 1969 film ‘Dastaan,’ cast, Shakeel- Ghazala- Rattan Kumar-
6. The film ‘Gharonda.’
7. The 1973 film ‘Insaan aur gadha, cast, Shakeel, Nisho, Kamal,
8. The 1973 film ‘Badal aur bijli,’ cast, Shakeel- Nadeem- Shabnam-
9. The 1974 film ‘Chahat,’ cast, Shakeel- Shabnam- Rehman-
10. The English film ‘Butterflies are free.’

Some of Shakeel’s popular television drama serials and plays are listed below:

1.  Television play,’ Honeymoon.’
2.  Television drama serial ‘Zer, zabar, pesh.’
3.  Television detective series, ‘Naam Daar.’ Shakeel- Khalida Riyasat played the lead roles and solved the murder mysteries.
4. The Children’s television space fiction series, ‘Tick Tick Company.’
5.  Television play series ‘Mantorama,’ which were written by Sa’adat Hasan Manto.
6.  Drama serial ‘Perchhaiyaan.’
7.  Drama serial ‘Ana.’
8.  Drama serial ‘Chand Grahan.’
9.  Drama serial, ‘Uraan.’ Cast, Shakeel- Faryal Gauhar- Resham- Abid Ali
10. Drama serial ‘Tapish.’
11. Drama serial ‘Afshan,’ cast, Shakeel- Tahira Wasti- Zaini Umair- Ayesha Khan.
12. Drama serial ‘Aangan Terrha,’ cast, Shakeel- Bushra Ansari- Saleem Nasir.
13. Drama serial ‘She jee,’ cast, Shakeel- Rubina Ashraf- Babar Ali.
14. Drama serial ‘Zameen,’ cast, Shakeel- Sakina Sammo- Khalid Zafar.
15. Drama serial ‘Doosri Aurat,’ cast, Shakeel- Humayun Saeed- Aisha Khan-
16. Drama serial ‘Aandhi,’ cast, Shakeel- Sakina Sammo- Khalid Zafar.
17. Drama serial ‘Tum say mil kar.’ Cast, Shakeel – Vaneeza- Jia Ali- Ayaz Khan.
18. Drama serial ‘Saaye,’ cast, Shakeel – Marina Khan.
19. Drama serial ‘Ankahi,’ cast, Shakeel – Shahnaz Shaikh, Jawaid Shaikh, Jamshed Ansari,
20. Drama serial ‘Aroosa,’ cast, Shakeel – Mishi Khan, Adnan Siddiqui, Ghazala Kaifi,
21. Drama serial ‘Jab Jab Dil Miley,’ cast, Sadia Imam, Jia Ali, Humayun Saeed, Shakeel, Sameena Peerzada,
22. Drama serial ‘Shehzori,’ cast, Shakeel – Neelofer Abbasi
23. Drama serial ‘Uncle Urfi,’ cast, Shakeel – Jamshed Ansari, Qurban Jilani, Shehla Ahmed,
24. Drama serial ‘Chaudhwee ka Chand,’ cast, Shakeel – Neelofer Abbasi
25. Drama serial ‘Colony 52,’ cast, Sanam Baloch, Danish Taimur, Shakeel, Qavi Khan,
26. Drama serial ‘Dhoop Mein Sawan,’ cast, Shakeel – Nadia Jamil , Humayun Saeed , Samina Ahmed
27. Drama serial ‘Kothi No 156,’ cast, Shakeel – Seemi Raheel, Irfan Khoosat, Adeel Hashmi
28. Drama serial ‘Qutubuddins,’ cast, Shakeel – Danish Nawaz, Badar Khalil, Lubna Islam, Saman Agha

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May 14 2009

Drama Serial Jab Jab Dil Miley on Ptv

Category: Jab Jab Dil Mileymansoor @ 11:14 am

jab jabWritten by: Shahid Kazmi

Directed by: Barkat Ali Siddiqui

Produced by: Humayun Saeed & Farid Shah

Cast – Sadia Imam, Jia Ali, Qaiser Khan, Humayun Saeed, Shakeel, Sameena Peerzada, Sajid Hassan, Shabbir Jan, Abid Ali,

Click here to watch Episode 1
Click here to watch Episode 2
Click here to watch Episode 3
Click here to watch Episode 4
Click here to watch Episode 5
Click here to watch Episode 6
Click here to watch Episode 7
Click here to watch Episode 8
Click here to watch Episode 9
Click here to watch Episode 10
Click here to watch Episode 11
Click here to watch Episode 12
Click here to watch Episode 13
Click here to watch Episode 14

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Pakistani Dramas