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Apr 19 2009

Drama Soap Aaina on Geo Tv

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Everything is fair in love and war! The inspiration of this serial was taken from the Pakistan blockbuster ‘Aaina’, which continues in this sequel…
Since love never ends … Nadeem who had left Shabnam years back, could not forget her and return after 25 years
Shabnam had already expired in an accident. , “Faisal Qureshi’ was bought up by his grandparents. Faisal now is a well known pop singer and hates his father as Shabnam’s parents had already brainwashed him against Nadeem .
Nadeem tries to make up for each and every loss he had in the past, he tries hard to get his son back and tries to convince him . Nadeem also meets Ishrat Begum and informs her of his intentions to reclaim his son. According to her, he abandoned his wife and child for money and now has no right over Faisal Qureshi . Her hatred for him is still the same, if not more and she intends to fight this battle with him till wherever and whatever it takes.
Nadeem tries to get his house back, where he had spent those wonderful memories with Shabnam. As old house is now inhabited by Parveen Akbar, a school teacher and her daughter Naheed Shabbir, but receives a negative reply. A big challenge for Nadeem at this age. Still not loosing hope he decides to fight this battle his way.
A love story which continues after 25 years, with the continuation of similar character, similar relations and similar emotions between characters but with a difference of time…blended beautifully with all the emotions of all the relations involved..

Cast: Nadeem, Bahar Begum, Faisal Quraishi, Naheed Shabbir, Ayesha Gul, Parveen Akbar, Habib Panizai, Tahir Jameel, Tipu

Written: Zafar Meraj

Producer: Gold bridge Media & Lens n Light

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