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Dec 11 2009

Faisal Qureshi ’s confession

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Flitting by one of the channels recently, I happened to overhear our chubby FQ (the ‘Jhumka Jan’ hero fame, yaar), that he is sick and tired of people saying that he resembles Shah Rukh Khan (say what!) not only in looks but in his acting style too. “I have always brushed away such nonsensical talk. Firstly, I proudly consider myself an actor whereas SRK is a star” (???). “What’s more, I do not copy or try to look like anyone, consciously or unconsciously. If at all I am inspired by any actor, it is by the likes of Naseer-ud-din Shah and Dilip Kumar” an exasperated sounding FQ was heard averring. But what our chubby performer doesn’t realize (or maybe, he chooses to overlook it) is the fact that the star Khan himself has been accused time and again of trying to replicate the great star of the bygone years, Dilip Kumar! That makes you guilty of doubly copying, doesn’t it, Qureshi?

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