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Oct 12 2009

DASTOOR: Main Nahee Manta

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Justuju Productions recently put up a drama, ‘DASTOOR: Main Nahee Manta’, inspired by Saadat Hasan Manto’s play, ‘Karl Marx’, and named after Habib Jalib’s Urdu poem ‘Dastoor’. The play is about the life of Imran (Adnan Haroon), a middle-class young man who undergoes a self-reflective period with the burning desire to bring about a revolution. He is heavily influenced by the writings of Karl Marx, the philosopher famous for his views on socialism and a classless society. The play examines one of the most prominent issues in our society today; namely, the widening gap between the rich and the poor. It illustrates the hardships involved in breaking the barriers of society’s prevailing double-standards that give rise to inequality among the classes, and the need for socio-economic change.

Justuju Productions is a young theatre company that focuses on creative and exciting ventures in the fields of film, theatre and visual media. The group aims to highlight the cultural, traditional and national elements of contemporary society. Keeping in mind Justuju Production’s socially conscious background, it is not surprising that this play focuses on the human spirit and its drive to combat the injustices of our society.

A difficult play to enact, it revolves around Imran who tries to create a socialist reality, and faces a lot of hardships in the process. The extent of his devotion to his mission is such that he doesn’t consider even the woman in his life, Samia Azmi, to be important enough to stop pursuing his cause. Rather a heavy play, but interspersed with dashes of comedy, the script has been adapted to include a slice out of contemporary life, and focuses on the age-old battle between authority and liberty.

Courtesy: Humsay magazine Oct 2009

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