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Mar 29 2010

Meray naseeb ki barishain

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Its all about two sisters sobia and sheena. sheena is wicked minded, glamorous in nature and wants to possess whatever appeals to her; on the contrary sobia is modest, simple and innocent. she use to believe her sister without any doubt, but sheena’s self-centeredness reveals when ahsan kamal invades in their life. sheena tends to be associated with ahsan but, ahsan himself remains inclined towards sobia and this loss of possession remains unacceptable for sheena. since then she turns into the most farthest enemy of her own sister, but subliminally. sheena’s domination ruins the marriage life of sobia and ahsan which ultimately leads to separation. but now their daughter laiba has grown up with a feeling of hatred for her father, as to her he is responsible for the failure of his marriage with sobia and this thought has been developed in her by her aunty sheena. laiba’s interaction with her father marks the drop scene of the story and reveals the nefariousness of her aunty sheena.

meray naseeb ki barishain
Cast: Fahad Mustafa, Sunita Marshall, Sadia Imam, Sara Chaudhry & others

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Mar 25 2010

Nalaiq Manchaley – Ending Show by Hum TV

Category: Hum Tv,Mannchalaymansoor @ 10:45 pm

This story revolves around Khawaja House, and unfolds the interesting lives of its residents. Khawaja Sahib is a conservative and loving father, but when it comes to discipline, he rules with an iron hand. It is the story of a dream that Khawaja sahib had of a united family. In an emotional moment, Khawaja Sahib decides to marry his three sons -Furqan, Usman and Jibran to three sisters Mehnaz, Nazia and Fiza. However, the story takes many interesting turns after this decision. All three brothers have very different personalities and so do the three sisters, adding many comic moments in the drama. There is also the character of Khawaja Sahibs wife, Sabiha Begum. She is a very loving person, her simple nature endears her to everyone, and even her daughters in law highly respect and love her. The family experiences a storm because of turmoil in Jibrans life, but the entrance of Mithu on the scene, changes everything. Mithu is no less than a storm herself, but loves everyone, and her feelings are unconditional and pure. This play reflects the way both our youth, and elders think, and shows how two generations can walk forward hand-in-hand.

Cast: Mohammad Qavi Khan, Seemi Raheel, Nausheen Shah, Farhan Ali Agha, Eshita Mahboob, Mohammad Qavi Khan, Seemi Raheel, Nausheen Shah, Farhan Ali Agha, Eshita Mahboob,

Directed by: Roomi Insha
Produced by: Momina Duraid
Written by: Faiza Iftikhar

Click here to watch Manchaley Ending Show

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Mar 23 2010

23rd March Special Programs on Ary Tv

Category: Ary Tv,Telefilms & Teledramasmansoor @ 1:19 am

23 march ka khusoosee khel (32) march
Maray thay hum jiskay liye
Toota phoota hee sahi
Tuk hirs o hawas ko chor mian


maray thay hum

toota phoota

tuk hirs o

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Mar 21 2010

Firdous Jamal

Category: Actors,Firdous Jamalmansoor @ 1:05 pm


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Feb 23 2010

Madiha Iftikhar

Category: Actresses,Madiha Iftikharmansoor @ 11:06 pm


She has been in showbiz since her childhood, courtesy her parents Syed Iftikhar Ahmed and Rehana Iftikhar, both notable TV personalities. For Madiha, television had always been her first love. It has hardly been a few years in the field and her water-tight schedule is proof of her success. She has been a part of several star studded dramas such as Partition Aik Safar, Sarkar Sahab and Veena, where her performances in both dramas were much appreciated. With an impressive height and a gorgeous figure, Madiha has the looks of a top model and the acting skills of a great actress surely capable of doing all sorts of roles.

Some Popular Tv Plays & Serials
Happily Never After
Kitni Door Kitnay Paas
Husna Aur Husan Ara
Kaisi Hain Dooriyan
Kahan Hai Manzil
Tujh Pe Qurban
Partition Aik Safar
Sarkar Sahab

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Feb 23 2010

Ayesha Khan

Category: Ayesha Khanmansoor @ 3:19 pm


She came, she saw and she conquered stands true for this actress. Her debut plays were Deewan-e-Khaas, and Doosri Aurat but drama serial Mehndi changed her entire career graph. Since then, she was popularly known as Mehndi wali larki. Leaving all the adulation behind, Ayesha went off to finish her education in Canada. During her stay abroad, she realized that acting is what she wants; upon her return, she was showered with offers. Today her portfolio includes hit serials like Maane Na Yeh Dil, Maan-o-Salwa, Mehmaan, Saraab, Chaar Chaand and Mujhay Apna Bana Lo. Ayesha has certainly come a long way, and done roles that are not only challenging but speak volumes of her talent.

List of Popular Plays & Drama Serials
Chaar Chaand
Doosri Aurat
Maan o salwa
Maane Na Yeh Dil
Mujhay Apna Bana Lo
Bol Meri Machli
Tum Yehi Kehna
Khuda Zameen Se Gaya Nahin
Baal Baal Bach Gaye
Masi aur malka
Haroon tou pia
Sheeshay Ka Mahal
Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai
Socha na tha
Meri Adhoori Mohabbat

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Feb 21 2010

Trivia: How well do you know Nadeem?

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He may have made his debut as Pakistan’s answer to Dilip Kumar but Mirza Nazeer Baig Mughal has evolved from a super-hit actor into a superstar during his 43-year career. The journey that began with Chakori in 1967 is still going strong. Not only has Nadeem outlived his contemporaries but also inspired generations with his charismatic personality and professional ethics.

Born on 19th July, 1941, in Madras (now Chennai), India, to a family with no links to showbiz, he made his debut in Chakori when the intended hero of the film, Azeem, quit days before shooting was to commence. He not only impressed the audience with his acting skills and dashing looks but also belied critics who didn’t consider him a threat in the beginning.

With countless hits to back him, Nadeem achieved iconic status in the ’70s and gave a hard time to Waheed Murad, Mohammad Ali and Shahid during the decade that saw him churn out hits with directors Pervez Malik, Nazrul Islam, S. Suleman and many others.

He has so far worked in 200-plus films since Chakori. Although he hasn’t tried his hand at direction but has been active on the scene for the past 43 years, winning fans all over the world and all awards imaginable. And if you think you know it all about this great actor, go through the trivia below and know more about Nadeem the actor, singer, producer and the man behind the numerous cinematic hits.

1. We all know Nadeem sang the duet Kahan ho tumko dhoondh rahi hain… with Firdousi Begum besides many other hits during his film career. But do you know he sang one song on an actor other than himself? Who and what was it?

2. In how many films did superstars Waheed Murad, Mohammad Ali and Nadeem act together?

3. Has he worked in an Indian film?

4. Has Nadeem ever played a negative role in his illustrious career?

5. Not many actors have played triple roles in a film during their careers. Is Nadeem one of the actors who have done so?

6. What was the ‘odd thing’ about the leading ladies in Nadeem’s debut TV serial Bisaat, directed by Ghazanfar Ali in 2000?

7. Playboy, Ishq Ishq, Inteha and Koi Tujh Sa Kahan. What do these films have in common?

8. Nadeem has never directed a film, but has he produced any?

9. There was a vast difference in Nadeem’s hairstyles during the ’70s and then again in the ’80s. Which was the first film in which he attempted his post-80s hairstyle?

10. What is the significance of films such as Sangdil, Anari and Talaash in Nadeem’s career?

1. The actor was Mohammad Qavi Khan and the film was Mr Buddho (1973), in which Nadeem sang the song, Kitne Ashq Piye Hain Phir Bhi Zinda Hoon, with the late playback singers Mala and Ahmed Rushdi lending their vocals for Deeba and Rangeela, respectively;

2. Three. Their first film together was Phool Mere Gulshan Ka (1974) followed by Shama (1974) and Jab Jab Phool Khile (1975). Nadeem also has the distinction of working with great artistes including Santosh Kumar, Darpan, Alauddin, Kamal, Shahid, David, Shashi Kapoor and Raj Babbar during his career;

3. Nadeem played the angry young man Tony in Bollywood’s Doordesh in 1983, where he was pitted against Bangladeshi actress Babita and Indian actors Shashi Kapoor, Sharmila Tagore, Parveen Babi, Raj Babbar and David. The film was directed by Ambrish Sangal and was by the Canadian Production house Friends Film International;

4. His role in the multi-starrer Shama (1974) had shades of grey, but in Samaj and Suhaag he played a full-throttle villain. Mohammad Ali was the good guy in Samaj whereas Zia Mohyuddin played the bespectacled hero in Suhaag;

5. Yes, he has. In fact he was the first actor in Pakistan to do so. He played three roles simultaneously in Jaltay Sooraj Kay Neechay which was released in 1971, and was produced by Afzaal Chaudhry in the then East Pakistan;
6. Both the leading ladies — Aaminah Haq and Nosheen Tariq — were born after Nadeem made his big screen debut in Chakori (1967). Yet he seemed at ease against the youngsters, fitting in as the leading man;

7. Nadeem is the only actor in Pakistan to work with four female directors who have also been his co-stars. The directors of the first three films — Shamim Ara, Sangeeta and Samina Peerzada — on numerous occasions played Nadeem’s leading ladies during his career. Shamim Ara in Parai Aag and Suhaag, Sangeeta in countless flicks including Anari and Mutthi Bhar Chawal and Samina Peerzada in Bazaar-i-Husn and Bulandi. The director of the last flick in the list — Reema Khan — has worked with Nadeem in over a dozen films mostly as his daughter or the son’s love interest;

8. Not one but two. Mitti Kay Putlay (1974) was his first movie as a producer whereas the Punjabi film Mukhra (1988) once again saw him in the role of the producer;

9. Many believe that Nazrul Islam’s Bandish was the first film in which Nadeem changed his hairstyle, which is incorrect. Pervez Malik’s Pakeeza (1979) was the first flick in which he experimented with his hair. When his character loses his memory, his hairstyle changes… and when he regains his memory it’s back to the ’70s hairdo;

10. Nadeem has worked in not one but three films with the same name. While the first Anari and Sangdil were black and white flicks, and the others were in colour, the first Talash was released in 1976 and the other one a decade later. Not only were the stories of all these flicks different but also the directors.

Courtesy: Dawn Images

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Feb 17 2010

Tariq Aziz

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Feb 17 2010

Ayaz Khan

Category: Ayaz Khanmansoor @ 1:50 am

ayazkhan interview

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Feb 14 2010

Tanveer Jamal

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Feb 12 2010

Sajid Hassan

Category: Actors,Sajid Hassanmansoor @ 4:12 am

sajid_hasanSajid Hasan (b.1963) is a well known actor from Pakistan. He started off as a theater personality and then moved to television. Sajid Hasan’s first major drama series was Khalij. He became more recognized in the play Dhoop Kinare in which he played a comic role. He has written many plays which include Kuchwa Aur Khargosh and Gum. He is also the first Pakistani actor to work in an Indian television serial, Tanha, in 1997 on Star Plus.

Sajid was made his debut in films in 2004 with the movie Salakhain in which he played the antagonist. He then did also perform in Pehla Pehla Pyar. He was also in a small role in the movie A Mighty Heart. Sajid Hasan has two sisters. He is married and has one son. he got injured in karachi blast. He lives in Karachi. One of his later plays is “Tan Sen.”

List of Plays & Drama Serials:

• Taan Sen
• Sitara aur Mehrunnissa
• Dhoop Kinare
• Agar
• Khaleej
• Masuri
• Jaaye Kahaan Yeh Dil
• Kuchwa Aur Khargosh
• Jab Hatheli Per Chand Likhna
• Anokha Bandhan
• Yad tou aayen gay
• Rani
• Jab Jab Dil Miley
• Koi Aur Hai
• Aa Mere Piyar ki Khushboo
• Bewafiyan
• Nijaat
• Shikwah
• Lahasil
• Aashti
• Mulaqat


* Salakhain, (2004)
* Pehla Pehla Pyar, (2006)
* A Mighty Heart, (2007)

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Feb 12 2010

Nauman Ijaz

Category: Actors,Nauman Ijazmansoor @ 4:01 am

Nauman Ijaz

Noman Ijaz started his acting career from Lahore centre and proved in his early plays that he is a good performer. He also did a serial from Quetta centre. Nauman Ijaz faced a lot of difficulties in his initial years, as an actor.

Schooling at Cathedral, a few years at F.C college and then Law at Punjab University, but there after Nauman Ijaz became an actor.

His wife’s name is Rabia and has 3 children, Zariyan, now a grade 8 student, Shameen a grade 5 junior at Aitchison College and the little one Rayan, a kg pupil at Kids Campus.

List of Popular Tv Plays & Drama Serials:

• Dasht
• Fishaar
• Eendhan
• Jhumka Jaan
• Geeli Lakri
• Kaghaz ki nao
• Lahasil
• Noorpur ki Rani
• Jannat
• Nijaat
• Aansoo
• Man o Salwa
• Chhat
• Jeena Isi ka nam hai

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Feb 09 2010

Yes, we had a secret nikaah: Adnan

Category: Newsmansoor @ 10:09 pm
Adnan Sami with wife Roya Faryabi

Adnan Sami with wife Roya Faryabi

Though Adnan Sami’s scheduled wedding on January 31 to his Afghani-German girlfriend Roya Faryabi in Munich fell through, it now comes to light that the couple had a secret nikaah ceremony at Adnan’s residence in Mumbai on Friday, January 30, a day before the wedding cards announced the wedding in Munich.

Only close family members of Adnan were present at this nikaah.

Says a source close to Adnan, “The wedding in Munich had to be cancelled because the courts did not allow Adnan to leave the country. There are serious charges of domestic violence against him.” Rather than cancel the wedding, Adnan decided to have a flash ceremony in Mumbai. All the arrangements were made by Adnan’s son Azaan.

At first Adnan was reluctant to confirm the development, but finally said, “Yes, we got married last Friday in a secret nikaah. And we’re loving it.”

Adnan now intends to host a wedding reception in Munich at Roya’s place and then another reception in Mumbai for all his friends. But as things stand now, Roya and Adnan are man and wife.

Speaking from Munich, Adnan’s third wife Roya Faryadi says, “Adnan is the perfect man for me. I love not just the man but also his mother and son. In fact, Adnan’s son Azaan and I get along like a house on fire. We often gang up together and tease the hell out of Adnan.”

Roya says she is not the least perturbed by Adnan’s past record of broken marriages. “What happened in the past is the past. What I see is a man I’d like to spend my life with. Adnan is kind, caring and gentle. I hope we can make our marriage last forever. Like any good wife, I plan to shift to Mumbai to be with Adnan and his family. But I’ll keep visiting Germany. That’s where my parents stay.” Roya’s parents are from Afghanistan. They moved to Germany 30 years ago and hold German passports.

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Feb 08 2010

Ahsan Khan

Category: Actors,Ahsan Khanmansoor @ 10:32 pm

Ahsan Khan is a multi-talented actor and model who shot to fame with his good looks and impressive acting. He acted in a number of Tv plays and has some movies to his credit as well.


Ahsan Khan

Your most valuable assets:
My faith, my family and my power of intuition.
Craziest thing you ever did:
It?s too crazy to even mention here!
One person you idealize:
In my field; Sir Anthony Hopkins.
One Talent, you would love to have most:
To be able to sing really well and play a few musical instruments.
On what occasions do you lie:
When I?m afraid someone?s feelings might get hurt by the truth.
Philosophy of life:
Be honest in your undertakings and have faith that God will reward you for your sincerity.
On a blind date you?d go out with:
If it?s a blind date, technically speaking, I wouldn?t know who I?m going out with. But, would certainly love for it to be Monica Bellucci!
Secret ambition:
It wouldn?t be a secret, if I told you, would it be?
You?d like to be reborn as:
A saint.
Recurring dream:
None really.
One project you?d give your eye and teeth for:
If it?s that important, it?ll come to me instead of me dying for it!!
A historical figure you are in love with:
None other than the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
A project you wish you could have done:
No regrets, let bygones be bygones.
One activity that keeps you occupied in your free time:
Playing with my 2 year old daughter.
Name one thing you would never or rarely get bored of doing:
My work, I love it.
What fictional character do you wish existed in real life? …
Superman?I?m a fan!
If there were one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be:
I?m thankful that God has made me the way I am, I wouldn?t change a thing!
Your mostly likely turns offs:
Rudeness and unkempt appearance.
Turns ons:
Brains; an essential component to beauty.
Your message to the world:

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Feb 08 2010

جاوید شیخ کی نئی فلم میں شاہ رخ خان کام کریں گے

Category: Newsmansoor @ 11:19 am


لاہور : اداکار جاوید شیخ نے اس سال بطور ڈائیریکٹر نئی فلم بنانے کا اعلان کیا ہے جس میں بالی ووڈ اداکار شاہ رخ خان شامل ہوں گے۔ لالی ووڈ اداکار جاوید شیخ نے سال دو ہزار دس میں نئی فلم بنانے کا اعلان کیا ہے اور ان دنوں فلم کے اسکرپٹ پر کام جاری ہے۔

جاوید شیخ کا کہنا ہے کہ وہ اس فلم میں اداکار شاہ رخ خان کو لینے کا ارادہ رکھتے ہیں جس کے لئیے شاہ رخ نے اپنی رضامندی ظاہر کردی ہے۔اس سلسلے میں دیگر معاملات طے کئے جانا باقی ہیں۔

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