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Apr 29 2009

Drama Serial Mehndi on Ptv

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Mehndi, the color of emotions is a story of the married lives of four sisters of a happy family. A family of strong bond of love and friendship is faced with various conflicts in the course of life. The parents(Abid Ali and Jahanara Hai) and their aunt(Tamanna Begum) are the head of this family who try to solve these problems with love and affection.
The oldest daughter, Malika(Amna Hussain) is set to get married to Taha(Adnan Siddiqui) and face financial problems. The second daughter, Sajjal(Ayesha Khan) is set to get married to her cousin, Shahzeb(Humayun Saeed). They are first cousins and childhood sweethearts. The greatest problem in their lives is that life is too short to enjoy love. The third daughter, Alishba is set to get married to Rameez(Aijaz Aslam). In their life, love is just an mere illusion. Lastly, the youngest daughter, Laiba(Fiza Ali) is set is get married to Ahad (Kamran Jilani). They are the youngest and the most non serious ones who fight over every little thing. However, they are faced with quite a serious problem in the life of a married couple.The families of the four grooms and brides are faced with many different realistic conflicts of life that bring the families together. Overall, the drama characterizes most of the feminine problems faced by girls after their marriage.
The writer has done an excellent job of explaining each problem in great
detail with realistic endings. The music is excellent and exceptional with
Jawad Ahmed’z MEHNDI, title song emphasizing the theme of the drama. The
video is beautifully chreographed and the voice of Jawad has made it
perfect. The song “Ek Larki Pyari Pyari” by Shaaz Khan has also put a cute
romantic touch to the story. Shaaz Khan’s song has good, meaningful lyrics
that set the scenes up for the upcoming events. Shaaz’s sweet voice is
The drama is no doubt an exceptional and unique characterization and should
be made with new creative ideas more often.

Directed by: Mohammad Javed Fazil
Written by : Seema Ghazal
Produced by : Evernew Entertainment (Sajjad A. Gul Production)
Co – Producers: Jerjees Seja, Shamim Khursheed
Music: Jawad Ahmed

Starring : Humayun Saeed, Ayesha Khan, Adnan Siddiqui, Aminah Haq, Aijazz Aslam, Amna Hussain, Kamran Jilani, Fiza Ali, Qazi Wajid, Tamanna, Jehanara Hai and Abid Ali

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