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Jun 24 2009

Drama Serial Saij on Geo Tv

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Raheel has been living in America for the last 4 years. He visits Pakistan once a year and every time he has an excuse to go hack although he had initially gone for only one year. His parents, Mian Safeer and his wife, Farida had really no interest in his studies abroad but somehow they got convinced to send him to the states. Although Mian Safeer had fairly large business which needed Raheel,s presence in Pakistan. Raheel,s younger sister, Rashna misses him a lot and she prepares a plan in which she tries to get Raheel involved with his father’s business partner, Sohail’s sister, Dua and without even consulting Raheel she starts preparing for his wedding with Dua. During this maneuvering she herself gets involved with Kamran who is Dua’s younger brother. Kamran is a quiet type of a person and is always busy in his books and computers and is not at all receptive to Rashna’s approach. But somehow Rashan’s interest in Kamran grows gradually with time. During this period the arrangements of Raheel’s wedding are almost complete and he’s called back from the states of his life when he reaches home and sees that his wedding is almost a few days away.

For some reason or the other he does not protest and gets married to Dua. During his marriage he receives constant calls from his girlfriend Romana from the states requesting him to return to the states as soon as possible. Raheel is constantly hiding his marriage from and giving her various excuses. While all this is happening, Rashna tells Kamran very openly about her love for Kamran. But Kamran blatantly disappoints her. But Rashna however goes through Raheel’s wedding with a broken heart. Soon after the wedding Raheel convinces Dua that he has to return to the states, although both the families are against Raheel’s return to the state at this stage. While he is preparing to leave, Romana lands in Pakistan and announces to Raheel’s family that she is his first wife whom he married 2 years ago. This announces shocks the entire family and Romana makes a huge hue and cry about Raheel’s faithlessness. Raheel is now in a state of shock. However Romana manages to take Raheel back with her to the states and leaves Dua behind with her parents. Dua’s brothers, Sohail takes serious note of the situation and the partnership of Sohail and Mian Safeer gets tense. At this stage, Sohail’s wife, Rabia convinces him to avoid any confrontation or any breakup of partnership with Mian Safeer. Sohail takes the advice of his wife. During these circumstances Kamran starts showing his interest towards Rashna. Rashna is overjoyed and this results in the announcement of their marriage which surprises everybody, but they all begin to prepare for the wedding. Raheel also comes back to attend his sister’s wedding along with Romana. Dua goes through this wedding with a heavy heart. From a dark corner Dua watches Kamran leave Rashna on their wedding night and goes to meet Raheel. He confronts him with threat that if he does not take Dua back in his life, Kamran would leave Rashna also to suffer the same fate as Dua. This shocks Raheel immensely and he is now standing between Dua and Romana and thinking what he should do to return Romana’s love and bring back Rashna’s happiness who is suffering from the immense hatred of Kamran. Everybody tries pacifying Kamran but in vain. He even refuses to listen to Dua then begs Raheel to take her with him to the states even if she has to live with Raheel and Romana as their disturbed about the entire situation. But somehow they start preparing to take Dua with them. At the airport, suddenly, Romana leaves Raheel and Dua and leaves forever. Raheel comes back with Dua and decided to live happily with Dua hereafter. That very night Kamran and Rashna quietly go out to celebrate their honeymoon as their joint plan to reunite Raheel and Dua has succeeded.

Cast: Nadeem Baig, Syed Nabeel, Mariya Khan, Naheed Shabbir, Sami Khan, Syed Mukhtar, Najia Baig, Rabia Noreen, Nausheen Shah

Director: Amjad Hussain
Writer: Zafar Miraj

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