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Feb 22 2010

Sadia Hayat

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Stylish Sadia



You’re sure to have seen this pretty girl in some television serial or the other as Sadia Hayat is certainly not a newcomer. She had been acting before she gave it all up and and left for Canada to pursue a degree in acting from Vancouver Acting School. She is however, back and is all set to make a stir. So far the girl has featured in quite a few tele ventures — Mafroor, Aadhi Mohabbat Aadha Fasana, Zindagi Aas Paas Hai to name some. Tinka is her most recent attempt which is being aired on the state-owned channel. Besides acting, she has modelled for music videos, done still shoots and has also hosted magazine shows. Sadia has also featured in quite a few international ventures. However, the girl is quite choosy and does not take up assignments without checking out its minutest details.
A multi faceted person in real life, she conveniently plays characters from real life and delivers dialogues with utmost ease and eloquence.
Read on and you’ll know the real Sadia…

What was the turning point that made you choose showbiz as your career?
I believe showbiz chose me. Since I was a young child, the signs were there; so you can say acting is somewhere deep within me.
From watching old Hollywood/Bollywood movies on rainy days complete with popcorn in hand, to singing along to catchy tunes, replicating tantalising dance moves to mouthing dramatic dialogues in front of the mirror — the fascination gripped me before I knew it. It was a matter of time before I landed in the world of camera, lights and action.

Who has been your inspiration and driving force?
I truly believe that a spark of God lies within us all, as He is the greatest creator in the universe. Personally I leave everything on GOD.

What’s your Zodiac sign. Do you believe in the occult?
I’m a leo/virgo cusp. Funny that you asked because I’m a die-hard astrology buff. The personality traits of individuals interest me as there are really 12 kinds of people in a way! The psychology behind it is definitely a source of attraction for me as well.

SadiaWas showbiz ever an issue at home?
Yes, initially my parents weren’t too super keen on my joining showbiz! I belong to a political, business, land-owner background, I guess their protective mechanism found it hard to accept their over protected daughter had chosen the so called big, bad world of the biz. However, luckily they saw that it’s the only thing I choose to do with my life and how important their support is. And now my happiness and success is what they want. I grew up with lots of movie, TV, theatre, art around me as my family exposed us to creativity and culture so that environment definitely helped me a lot.

Who was your first crush, did it ever work out?
My first crush hey? Like most girls it was none other than Tom Cruise. It sure worked out in my day dreams!

When commercial aspects hit the creative artist what affect does it have on the performance?
See, I’m an actor, a canvas — so whether I’m to perform an all out commercially viable role or a serious, arty character — it’s all about the persona, nuances and demands of the script/role/director’s vision.
My performance is derived from what is required, therefore creativity has so far not been hindered, but only multiplied with each new venture.

What’s your favourite way to kill time?
I enjoy meditating, reading, watching movies, trying out different cuisines, listening to music, hanging out with loved ones i.e. family and friends and travelling. I am planning to take sword/fencing lessons and would love to do deep sea diving!


What’s your dressing style?
I’m a fashionista! Well, it depends on my mood really. I like to wear classy, stylish, sexy outfits. Be it a shalwar kameez, jeans and a white polo tee or a formal gown. Sophistication and elegance is the key. It’s how one carries the clothes not the other way round.

What influenced you most as a child?
A sound up bringing, good schooling, an awesome circle of family and friends, my lovely grandmothers,(may their souls rest in peace). Travelling and spiritual leanings also exposed me to some amazing learning experiences. Books! I eat them… being a book worm that I am… music that has the power to always alter my moods… and the Holy Quran.

What are your present concerns and what plans do you have for the future?
My present concerns are global warming, terrorism, lack of proper education and health awareness, discrimination; the list is endless. We grew up in a safe Pakistan. I’m very vocal about giving back to society via volunteering, I personally volunteer for Amnesty Int, UNICEF etc.

What qualities should a person have in order to become a successful celebrity?
Determination, networking, courage, ability to learn, honesty and love for work.
Courtesy: Mag weekly

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