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Apr 26 2013

Telefilm Anjuman

Remake of Famous Pakistani Urdu Film Anjuman

The film is a tragedy based on a tawaif “Anjuman’ played by Rani, who is a “tawaiif” who flirts with the emotions of a wealthy Santosh and later falls in love with his younger brother played by Waheed. In order to save his older brother’s marriage Waheed’s character decides to frequent Anjuman’s “kotha” in an “exchange” demanded by Anjuman, although being in love with another girl (played by Deeba). Sabiha plays the role of wife of the older brother’s character in the film, and eventually implores Anjuman to forsake her own love so that Waheed’s Character can live happily. At the end, Anjuman (Rani) has to face a fate worse than death, where she is invited to sing at the wedding of her Love. Lovelorn and disappointed Anjuman offers a woeful song, as she has swallowed poison, and dies at the feet of her love.

Anjum Hayat Khan is a young and innocent girl, studying in university. Some notorious students therein use to tease her but she reacts nowhere and avoids facing them instead. Asif tries to stop those guys and this leads to a fight in the university. Later, the same group of students visits a “kotha” where they are stunned to see anjum, the same innocent girl, dancing before them. The very next day, same news is spread everywhere in the university and asif is also surprised to know it. However, Anjum (Anjuman as dancer) leaves the university with the question in asif’s mind as to how and why did she appear to.
Later, Asif’s brother “Wajaht” is found involved with a known prostitute and the rumour reaches the home soon where asif decides to go and meet with the prostitute. Doing so, asif is once again shocked to see that the prostitute is none other than Anjum herself, who is famous as Anjuman. Here she reveals that Wajahat has puchased her on the ceremony of “nat utarwai” and she is now property of Wajaht. Now, asif replaces himself with his brother and stays with Anjuman. There are so many twists waiting to take turn and there are so many questions in Asif’s mind need to be answered as to how and why does she became prostitute.

Cast: Imran Abbas, Sara Loren, Aly Khan, Iffat Omer
Director: Yasir Nawaz

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Mar 28 2010

Firstperson: Humaima’s oomph

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By Saima Salman humaima16 “I need a moment,” Humaima says while being made up for a photo shoot. The ‘moment’ lasts for a little more than 20 minutes. “I need my hair to be done.” Then her hair takes a few hundred seconds. “I’m ready now,” she says settling herself into a rather cushy chair. Humaima is a known model and actress, and has recently stirred the world of Pakistani showbiz by doing a film in India. The petite actress shies away from divulging information on her Indian project, “All I can say is that it’s a big banner film produced by a famous personality and I’m playing the love-interest (lead character) of a known Khan.” Now who could that be? Humaima suggests she’s contractually bound not to give away details of the picture, hence the tight-lipped attitude. But what good is a scribe who can’t ferret out at least a modicum of vital info. “Alright, so Sohail Khan is producing it.” Sohail Khan, I might add, is Salman Khan’s younger brother. Pakistani actors who have worked in India in recent times haven’t enjoyed the liberty of taking part in meaningful roles. As Humaima is in the early stages of her showbiz career, she couldn’t have accepted a role that merely comprised three tree-circumambulating dance sequences and a few monosyllabic lines? “The role has a lot of margin because it’s a serious, historical film.” How did the producers detect the acting gene in her before selecting her for the role? “They’d seen a couple of my dance performances and DVDs and they liked it. Almost 75 per cent of the work has been completed on the film, and the rest I’m going to shoot soon,” she says. This raised the question: Pakistani showbiz glitterati such as Shaan, Syed Noor and Atiqa Odho have strongly condemned collaboration with Bollywood. Humaima does not go along with them as she feels India is a huge market and can only benefit Pakistani performers because they get great exposure and experience. Technically, the Indian film industry is head and shoulders above its Pakistani counterpart, so it can only help us. “I know my limits while working in an Indian biopic. I’m a Muslim girl and there are lines that I shouldn’t be crossing. I’m more excited about the film that I’m doing with Shoaib Mansoor. It’s a great script and working with someone like Shoaib Sahib is an extremely enriching experience. In the film, which is to be released pretty soon, I’m again playing the lead part. It’s a very serious role which is integral to the intense storyline. Shoaib Sahib explains each and every line and makes you learn about the subject in a professional manner. I’ve learned a lot from him,” says Humaima. Indeed Shoaib Mansoor never does anything just for the heck of it. The reason Humaima sounds super-thrilled with the prospects of the film is its woman-oriented subject (so I hear) having a stellar cast. With the likes of VJ Mahira Khan, pop singer Atif Aslam and actress Iman Ali flaunting their flair for acting, a lot is expected of the project. This begs the query: how come Humaima is playing the heroine with Iman Ali as her co-actor? I decide to leave that discussion for some other time. “Shoaib Sahib has also composed the music of the film apart from writing its lyrics,” she enthuses. The transition from the idiot box to the silver screen is never an easy one. Humaima, prior to her latest achievements, has mostly worked either for television or walked the ramp, but the world of cinema was alien to her. “I’ve worked with some very good directors. I’m not a dumb girl either. I very well know where to look by using which angle. I’m not unfamiliar with the camera, so working in films wasn’t that big an issue for me,” she says. As for juggling professional duties and domestic chores, she seems cool, “My folks are aware of the necessities and constraints of our profession,” says the actress. The interview over, Humaima asks the coordinator where to head for the photo session. This time round she doesn’t need a moment to prepare herself. She is in it. Courtesy: Dawn Images

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Mar 21 2010

Humaima Abbasi

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Feb 24 2010

Roohi Bano

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roohiKahkashan Farooq & Hina Pervaiz The greater the soul is, the greater the grief given to it, once said another living legend Bano Qudsia about the great artist Roohi Bano. A shy and timid young girl of 17 entered into the world of acting and gave a new dimension to it, of its own kind. Having won three graduate awards, the Nigar Award, President Award and two PTV awards, she has now made a comeback after a long, painful and sad period of absence. Roohi Bano a veteran actress reminisces about her glowing past with the Eyecandy team She said, “I was only 17 when I thought of joining this field. Initially it was not very hectic but afterwards it turned otherwise. Although I was very young and shy, but I discovered a hidden actress inside me. As soon as I would come in front of a camera that actress used to emerge. I took admission in GCU Psychology Department and did my masters in 2nd division. I was not very bright in academics but I had keen interest in the creative arts, theatre and other co-curricular activities. As we all know that joining show biz at that time was not a very strong means of earning and was not considered very proper among the masses. When she was asked about the situation she said, Yes, indeed a lot of effort was required in this field but with no return. I didn’t earn a substantial amount of money, but only fame came as a reward. I needed money as well. I wanted to have my own house and car. So far as joining media is concerned, I faced no opposition from my family; in fact my mother was a great support. She helped me a lot. It was her dream that I should have fame and my name should be known everywhere. Talking about her lifelong acquaintanceship with Bano Qudsia, she stated, “She has always been my favourite, she liked me and she wrote about me. Talking about her favourite plays, delightedly she said, “Darwaza and Sarab were my favourite plays. The script of Darwaza was really inspiring and it was directed by one of my favourite directors MNH. The most memorable characters of these two plays were Usman Peerzada and Rahat Kazmi besides my own role.Nowadays it is the fashion of the day to find rivalry among co-stars, however when we asked Roohi Bano about she fellow actresses she commented, “My favourite actress was Saira Kazmi in TV, but I never considered any of them to be my competitors. My focus was my work, which was my passion. Although rivalry existed at that time as well, but I was hardly affected by it. In the film industry, there was lot of jealousy for me. Shamim Ara and Zeba were my competitors. I did a few films but people did not let me click. Furthermore, in our films there is a tendency for exaggeration and overexposure. At that time, there was no proper script. Although big directors were working, like Shabab Kiranwi, but he also could not give me a proper breakthrough. Besides, my identity was TV. In films a lot of effort was required, so I could not manage to surmount the obstacles. In the Indian film industry, I was inspired by Madhu Bala and Nargis. For artists fame and appreciation are just like oxygen, because the art of any artist breathes through it. But as we all know that nothing is that easy and simple in this world as it appears to be. So, when we asked Roohi Bano about the good and bad thing about being famous she told us that good thing about being famous is that people recognize you, while the bad thing is that people tease you unnecessarily. According to her, nowadays one thing has changed about the acting profession, “Today, it is not the same as in the past when people used to rush whenever they would see a famous actor in some market or public place. Now, they have become accustomed to seeing them at such places thus they do not find that much charm in it. It is not a surprise for them any more. Instead, like western countries, they find themselves rubbing shoulders with them off and on. They respect them but do not get dazzled by their presence. What is life? When this perplexing question was asked from Roohi Bano she gave a very simple answer: “Life keeps on moving, no full stop comes even if you wish so, however, if you don’t wish it, then it definitely comes. As we all know that the mushrooming of TV channels has changed the media scene but somehow we don’t find ample focus on the quality and content of TV productions. When we asked the veteran actress her comment on this, she said, “As far as the lot of contemporary directors is concerned, I am not really satisfied. All the directors I liked have retired. I don’t find the same quality of writers, actors or directors and as far as the quality of channels is concerned, I don’t think that they have much standing, because they don’t tend to produce masterpieces and they haven’t really owned the master figures like us. Probably due to this, the quality of the TV productions has declined.When she was asked about her present interest and activities, she replied “I am reading stories these days. My favorite writers and poets these days are Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi, Bano Qudsia, Ashfaq Ahmad, Dr Anwar Sajjad and others. I spend my time in watching art movies because I am planning to write and produce a play of my own. These days, I am working on a telefilm which is a remake of Darwaza. Sharing her political views with Eyecandy team, she opined that now politics is in a much better position.Somehow God has listened to us, she commented, “The changes can be witnessed at the grass root level but it is a high time now that we should institutionalize our politics. How composed she is now, thinking that we thanked the legend and ended the interview.

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Feb 24 2010

Roohi Bano

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Roohi Bano is known for possessing the rare quality of conveying feelings and expressions through her eyes. As an actress, she exercised full command over her emotions and knew how best to translate them into action and convert them into pieces of unforgettable drama. She says she desperately misses her co-stars of yesteryear such as Shafi Mohammad, Talat Hussain, Uzma Gillani and the late Tahira Naqvi.

Roohi first television appearance was in a quiz show while she was still a student. Then, Farooq Zameer offered her a chance to act in plays which she accepted while continuing her studies for a Master degree in psychology from Government College, Lahore. She married twice and also acted in a few films but television was where she belonged, and it remained her first love.

Given the condition she was in before treatment, her recovery has been likened to her character in one of her famous long plays, Darwaza. In the play produced by Muhammad Nisar Hussian in the 1980s, she plays a TB patient who recovers miraculously.

Television had found a great actress in Roohi Bano and her repeatedly outstanding performances in Qila Kahani, Zard Gulab, Hairatkada, Darwaza, Kiran Kahani, along with several other serials and long plays, set her head and shoulders above her contemporaries. The sensitivity with which she played her roles made her popular across the country to the effect that many of Roohi’s fans still remember her as a charming actress par excellence, who ruled the small screen for nearly two decades.

She is the daughter of famous Indian tabla nawaz Ustd Allah Rakha Khan. She was married twice & had a son, Ali, who was murdered in Lahore in 2005.

Having won three graduate awards, the Nigar Award, President Award and two PTV awards, she has now made a comeback after a long, painful and sad period of absence. Roohi Bano a veteran actress reminisces about her glowing past with the Eyecandy team.


Some Popular Tv Plays & Drama Serials
Qila Kahani
Zard Gulab
Kiran Kahani
Zer Zabar Pesh



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Feb 24 2010

Beenish Chauhan

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Loaded with a lot of potential, Beenish Chauhan has proved her talent in a short span of time. Playing lead roles in many hit tele-serials like Thora saath chahiye, Dil Diya Dheleez, Khwahish Benaam (Geo TV), Yeh zindagi Hai (Geo TV), and Rani (PTV), the actress has done justice to her role in every character given to her. Nominated with other senior actresses Salma Zafar, Azra Aftab and Javeria Abbasi, the testimony to her talent was Lux Style Awards 2008, where she won the title of best female TV actor for Pehli Boondh. Nowadays, Beenish is seen in Kahe Ko Biyahee Bides an Everyready Production aired on Geo TV where she is playing the lead character of Mehru, a small-town girl who challenges the status quo and goes beyond the conventions of her community by pursuing higher education in the big city.

Some Popular Tv Plays & Serials
Thora saath chahiye
Dil Diya Dehleez
Khawahish Benaam
Yeh zindagi Hai
Pehli Boondh
Kahe Ko Biyahee Bides
Pal Bhar Mein
Kitni Door Kitnay Paas
Yeh Bakra Nahi Chaley Ga
Phir Kho Jaye Na

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Feb 23 2010

Madiha Iftikhar

Category: Actresses,Madiha Iftikharmansoor @ 11:06 pm


She has been in showbiz since her childhood, courtesy her parents Syed Iftikhar Ahmed and Rehana Iftikhar, both notable TV personalities. For Madiha, television had always been her first love. It has hardly been a few years in the field and her water-tight schedule is proof of her success. She has been a part of several star studded dramas such as Partition Aik Safar, Sarkar Sahab and Veena, where her performances in both dramas were much appreciated. With an impressive height and a gorgeous figure, Madiha has the looks of a top model and the acting skills of a great actress surely capable of doing all sorts of roles.

Some Popular Tv Plays & Serials
Happily Never After
Kitni Door Kitnay Paas
Husna Aur Husan Ara
Kaisi Hain Dooriyan
Kahan Hai Manzil
Tujh Pe Qurban
Partition Aik Safar
Sarkar Sahab

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Feb 23 2010

Ayesha Khan

Category: Ayesha Khanmansoor @ 3:19 pm


She came, she saw and she conquered stands true for this actress. Her debut plays were Deewan-e-Khaas, and Doosri Aurat but drama serial Mehndi changed her entire career graph. Since then, she was popularly known as Mehndi wali larki. Leaving all the adulation behind, Ayesha went off to finish her education in Canada. During her stay abroad, she realized that acting is what she wants; upon her return, she was showered with offers. Today her portfolio includes hit serials like Maane Na Yeh Dil, Maan-o-Salwa, Mehmaan, Saraab, Chaar Chaand and Mujhay Apna Bana Lo. Ayesha has certainly come a long way, and done roles that are not only challenging but speak volumes of her talent.

List of Popular Plays & Drama Serials
Chaar Chaand
Doosri Aurat
Maan o salwa
Maane Na Yeh Dil
Mujhay Apna Bana Lo
Bol Meri Machli
Tum Yehi Kehna
Khuda Zameen Se Gaya Nahin
Baal Baal Bach Gaye
Masi aur malka
Haroon tou pia
Sheeshay Ka Mahal
Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai
Socha na tha
Meri Adhoori Mohabbat

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Feb 22 2010

Sadia Hayat

Category: Sadia Hayatmansoor @ 12:19 am

Stylish Sadia



You’re sure to have seen this pretty girl in some television serial or the other as Sadia Hayat is certainly not a newcomer. She had been acting before she gave it all up and and left for Canada to pursue a degree in acting from Vancouver Acting School. She is however, back and is all set to make a stir. So far the girl has featured in quite a few tele ventures — Mafroor, Aadhi Mohabbat Aadha Fasana, Zindagi Aas Paas Hai to name some. Tinka is her most recent attempt which is being aired on the state-owned channel. Besides acting, she has modelled for music videos, done still shoots and has also hosted magazine shows. Sadia has also featured in quite a few international ventures. However, the girl is quite choosy and does not take up assignments without checking out its minutest details.
A multi faceted person in real life, she conveniently plays characters from real life and delivers dialogues with utmost ease and eloquence.
Read on and you’ll know the real Sadia…

What was the turning point that made you choose showbiz as your career?
I believe showbiz chose me. Since I was a young child, the signs were there; so you can say acting is somewhere deep within me.
From watching old Hollywood/Bollywood movies on rainy days complete with popcorn in hand, to singing along to catchy tunes, replicating tantalising dance moves to mouthing dramatic dialogues in front of the mirror — the fascination gripped me before I knew it. It was a matter of time before I landed in the world of camera, lights and action.

Who has been your inspiration and driving force?
I truly believe that a spark of God lies within us all, as He is the greatest creator in the universe. Personally I leave everything on GOD.

What’s your Zodiac sign. Do you believe in the occult?
I’m a leo/virgo cusp. Funny that you asked because I’m a die-hard astrology buff. The personality traits of individuals interest me as there are really 12 kinds of people in a way! The psychology behind it is definitely a source of attraction for me as well.

SadiaWas showbiz ever an issue at home?
Yes, initially my parents weren’t too super keen on my joining showbiz! I belong to a political, business, land-owner background, I guess their protective mechanism found it hard to accept their over protected daughter had chosen the so called big, bad world of the biz. However, luckily they saw that it’s the only thing I choose to do with my life and how important their support is. And now my happiness and success is what they want. I grew up with lots of movie, TV, theatre, art around me as my family exposed us to creativity and culture so that environment definitely helped me a lot.

Who was your first crush, did it ever work out?
My first crush hey? Like most girls it was none other than Tom Cruise. It sure worked out in my day dreams!

When commercial aspects hit the creative artist what affect does it have on the performance?
See, I’m an actor, a canvas — so whether I’m to perform an all out commercially viable role or a serious, arty character — it’s all about the persona, nuances and demands of the script/role/director’s vision.
My performance is derived from what is required, therefore creativity has so far not been hindered, but only multiplied with each new venture.

What’s your favourite way to kill time?
I enjoy meditating, reading, watching movies, trying out different cuisines, listening to music, hanging out with loved ones i.e. family and friends and travelling. I am planning to take sword/fencing lessons and would love to do deep sea diving!


What’s your dressing style?
I’m a fashionista! Well, it depends on my mood really. I like to wear classy, stylish, sexy outfits. Be it a shalwar kameez, jeans and a white polo tee or a formal gown. Sophistication and elegance is the key. It’s how one carries the clothes not the other way round.

What influenced you most as a child?
A sound up bringing, good schooling, an awesome circle of family and friends, my lovely grandmothers,(may their souls rest in peace). Travelling and spiritual leanings also exposed me to some amazing learning experiences. Books! I eat them… being a book worm that I am… music that has the power to always alter my moods… and the Holy Quran.

What are your present concerns and what plans do you have for the future?
My present concerns are global warming, terrorism, lack of proper education and health awareness, discrimination; the list is endless. We grew up in a safe Pakistan. I’m very vocal about giving back to society via volunteering, I personally volunteer for Amnesty Int, UNICEF etc.

What qualities should a person have in order to become a successful celebrity?
Determination, networking, courage, ability to learn, honesty and love for work.
Courtesy: Mag weekly

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Feb 21 2010

بھارت کاسونیا جہان کو ورک پرمٹ دینے سے انکار

Category: News,Sonya Jehanmansoor @ 12:21 pm


نئی دہلی : بھارتی حکومت نے اداکارہ سونیا جہان کو بھارت میں کام کرنے کا اجازت نامہ (ورک پرمٹ) دینے سے انکار کر دیا۔ سونیا جہانں جنہوں نے فلم ”مائی نیم از خان“ میں شاہ رخ کی بہن کا کردار ادا کیا ہے اب ابھینے ڈیو کی فلم ”کروکڈ“ میں شاید کام نہ کرسکے کیونکہ بھارتی حکومت نے ان کو ورک پرمٹ جاری کرنے سے صاف انکار کر دیا ہے۔

ملکہ نور جہان کی پوتی سونیا جہان فرانس کی شہرت رکھتی ہیں اور گزشتہ سات سال سے اپنے شوہر ویکو نرائن کے ہمراہ نئی دہلی میں مقیم ہیں۔ بھارتی فلم پروڈیوسر رتیش سدھوانی جو کہ سونیا جہان کو ابھیشک بچن کے ہمراہ لے کر فلم کروکڈ بنانے چلے تھے نے بھی اس امرکی تصدیق کی ہے کہ سونیا کو ورک پرمٹ نہیں ملا اس لئے اب وہ ان کی فلم پراجیکٹ کا حصہ نہیں ہے بلکہ ان کی جگہ کنگنا رانواٹ کو لے لیا گیا ہے۔ ادھر سونیا جہان نے کاسٹ سے نکالے جانے پر حیرت اور لاعلمی اظہار کیا ہے اور کہا ہے کہ وہ اپنے شوہر کے ویزے پر یہاں کام کر رہی ہیں تاہم بھارت میں غیر ملکیوں کو ورک پرمٹ جاری کرنے کے قوانین میں سختی لائی گئی ہے یہی وجہ ہے کہ ان کو مشکلات درپیش ہیں۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ یہ مسئلہ وقتی ہے جو حل ہو جائے گا اور اس کے لئے بھارتی انتظامیہ کو ذمہ دار نہیں سمجھتی۔

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Feb 14 2010

Exclusive: Simply Sonya

Category: Actresses,Sonya Jehanmansoor @ 9:39 am

By Aamna Haider Isani
Sunday, 14 Feb, 2010

Sonya Jehan is radiant. The world knows her as a half-Pakistani Indian actress and we are quite happy with rights on her being just that. Born as the legendary Madam Noor Jehan’s granddaughter to a Pakistani father (Akbar Rizvi) and French mother (Florence Villier), she is now married to an Indian banker (Vivek Narain) and is shifting homes from Delhi to Mumbai as we speak.

And of all the traits she carries in her genes — fame, France, a penchant for performance, a love for food and simple elegance — the Pakistani gene is the most dormant. She speaks Urdu, but often chooses not to and when English and French roll off her tongue much more easily, you could never guess that she was anything but French.

The give-away, if any, is her offhand sense of style, which lends her originality beyond Noor Jehan’s opulence and her mother’s French chic. These are the two women — both of whom have incredible individual identities — who have had the maximum influence on her personality but Sonya has emerged very much her own person.

She has a deep, melodic voice that is trained to sing like Daado (as she fondly calls Noor Jehan) and she has a love for food like her mother (who lives in Karachi and owns the only French restaurant in town). Sonya dabbles in films and dreams of opening her own restaurant in India one day. But she isn’t terribly committed to any one profession. She is someone very comfortable in her own skin, apparent as she walked out to greet us in worn out denims, Kohlapuri chappals and a brown shawl to shield her against the unexpected Karachi chill.

“I was supposed to be here for only a day,” Sonya explained her lack of clothes (for a wedding and unexpected shoot) with a warm smile. She was in Karachi for only a day or two as she waited for a work permit. Despite having a French passport, her Pakistani lineage requires her to have a permit if she is to act in a Bollywood film. She had been cast in the lead role opposite Abhishek Bachchan for an upcoming action thriller, Crooked.

Not that her life was hanging by a thread in anticipation. Sonya was distressed as she realised that she probably wouldn’t get the visa in time for the opening shoot (which was the next day) but she managed to brush it off with nonchalance. She was more concerned about getting back home to her two-year-old daughter, Noor, now the third and perhaps most influential female in Sonya’s life. How is she, I asked. “Aah, she’s perfect,” came the reply with a grin that comes only to a doting mother in love.

While her little one is her pride and joy, her next big budget venture promises to take her professional profile to new heights. She plays a small but significant role in Karan Johar’s My Name is Khan (which released worldwide this Friday), alongside Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.

Sonya plays Rizwan Khan’s sister-in-law, an American Muslim woman teaching at a university in the USA. A far cry from her last two roles — as the feisty Ratanbala in Khoya Khoya Chand (2007) and the glamorous Mumtaz Mahal in Taj Mahal (2005) — this role has her covered up in a hijab. It appears to play to a stereotype while trying to break the stereotype simultaneously. But despite the de-glossed character, this may be her big Bollywood breakthrough. And then there is the experience of working alongside Shah Rukh and Kajol.

“It was amazing, what more can I say?” she smiled. “Shah Rukh is approachable and incredibly humble. He talks to everyone on the set, from the doorkeeper to the director. My first shot was with him and I was nervous because, well, he’s Shah Rukh Khan. But he has a knack of putting everyone at ease within minutes. He immediately welcomed me and told me that he was a big fan of my grandmother. Shah Rukh is a director at heart and sort of takes things in control. Kajol is such a superb actor and they both have incredible presence and input on the sets. It was quite an experience.”

How did she land the role? Did she feel being half-Pakistani played its part in chance as it gave her character a third, realistic dimension?

“I don’t think the casting had anything to do with my being Pakistani. I auditioned for the role. Plus, the film is not about terrorism as most people believe,” she clarified, though most people must have watched it by now. “It is primarily a love story that throws some light on the lives of Muslims post-9/11.”

Sonya was in India during the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai city. Did she feel stigmatised at that time?

“Well, I wasn’t shouting my Pakistani lineage from a rooftop,” she said. “It was traumatising for me personally because people I knew died in those attacks on the Taj. I think that we all look at certain kinds of Muslims all over the world with suspicion now; I know I do when I’m in London. It’s the natural fallout of what’s been happening. But that isn’t the epicentre of the film.”

She added that more than making it big in films, she would like to play a role in bringing peace in the subcontinent, between India and Pakistan. She would love to be part of the collaborative efforts being made to create creative links between both countries.

So far none of the Pakistani actors who have set foot in Bollywood — Meera, Javed Sheikh and Humayun Saeed — have really made their mark and one wonders whether Sonya will manage to make a difference. Her first two films didn’t do too well but MNIK promises to be a box-office hit, if nothing else.

“I don’t know whether this will be a breakthrough in my career because that’s not what I’m thinking when I sign a film,” she responded. “I sign it for the story, the script and the overall experience it’ll bring me. That said, of course I’m hoping for the film to do well and for people to appreciate my work. I’m just not looking to be the next big star,” she concluded with a laugh.

Sonya carries Noor Jehan’s flair for drama but lacks the salt that Noor Jehan had, and that is perhaps imperative to any successful Bollywood heroine, even today. Sonya Jehan is undeniably beautiful but possibly too westernised in her looks to appeal to a local, mass audience. But then again, Bollywood is at the crossroads of change and this may be the best time for her to cut into it. She has trained in classical Indian dance as well as classical singing. She says she can sound a lot like her grandmother. And she has the one rain dance (from Khoya Khoya Chand) to prove that she has what it takes, if masala is what Bollywood is looking for.

A week after returning to India, Sonya called to confirm that she was unable to get the work permit and had lost her Crooked role to Kangana Ranaut.

“It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to do the film but now that I’m in Bombay there will be much more to do. There will be more opportunities and I will be able to juggle them better with motherhood,” she said. “But I’m not thinking of films right now. I’ve just landed in Bombay and I’m in a cab, apartment hunting. I think settling down is going to be the most important thing in my life for a while.”

Courtesy: Dawn Images

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Feb 08 2010

Ayesha Omar

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For regular TV buffs Ayesha Omar is not a new name. An NCA graduate, Ayesha has many portfolios to her credit, – a fine actress, a gutsy VJ, an intrepid model, a plucky painter and last but perhaps not the least, a singer. She started her acting career with comedy sitcom College Jeans directed by another NCA graduate Jawad Bashir. The success of which brought her truckloads of offers and she soon found herself hosting a show called Rhythm. Ever since then there is no looking back for the actress. Enjoy her answers for Sunday Plus favourite segment Celebrity Slam Book.

Your most valuable assets:
My education and upbringing.
Craziest thing you ever did:
Moved to Karachi for work.
One person you idealise:
My mom.
One talent, you would love to have most:
I am very thankful to God for all my talents. I am content with what I have but would love to be able to play the saxophone.
On what occasions do you lie?
U think ill reveal that?
Philosophy of life:
Live and let live. And not try and hurt anyone in the process,
Secret ambition:
To win a grammy someday.
You?d like to be reborn as:
Recurring dream:
Haven?t had one in a while but used to have one of me flying.
One project you?d give your eye and teeth for:
To sing with the likes of Dave Mathews or Moloko and to record an album at the Abbey Road Studio.
An historical figure you are in love with:
Kamal attaturk.
A project you wish you couldn?t have done:
None really.
Activities that keep you occupied in your free time:
Facebooking, watching movies, reading and hanging out with friends.
Name one thing you would never or rarely get bored of doing:
What fictional character from you wish existed in real life?
None that I can think of right now.
If there were one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be?
My impatience.
Your mostly likely turns offs:
Body odour, bad breath, lack of respect for elders and women and showoffs.
Turns ons:
Good smells, respectfulness, good sense of humour and humility.
Your message to the world:
Live and let live in peace and harmony. Be more tolerant towards others and help the underprivileged. Give as much as you can to others and God will give you more. Be ready to face the consequences of what u do because what goes around always comes around. Lastly, if u really want something bad enough, u will get it?believe in ?the secret.?

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Feb 03 2010

Uzma Tahir

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Feb 03 2010


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Feb 01 2010

Iffat Omar’s poetics

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Iffat Omar

Iffat Omar

My o my… showbiz and literature don’t mix well, you would say, and that fine, fine Urdu poet Shakil Badayuni must be turning in his grave.

The other day model, actress and host Iffat Omer was seen anchoring a music show (which may have been a re-run) on PTV. A very talented singer Ali Raza was the star of the show, and was supposed to sing ghazals and nazms by great Urdu poets. While introducing the poet Shakil Badayuni (who had numerous successful Indian movie songs to his credit) Iffat gave his brief career background, and then God knows why recited one of his couplets. The way she toiled (and toyed) with the verse was a sight to behold and hear. It appeared as if she was in a primary school learning to read Urdu with a fair bit of difficulty.

Just a thought: there’s a thing called ‘rehearsal’. It can save you from many a last-minute-hassle.

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