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Feb 08 2010

Ahsan Khan

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Ahsan Khan is a multi-talented actor and model who shot to fame with his good looks and impressive acting. He acted in a number of Tv plays and has some movies to his credit as well.


Ahsan Khan

Your most valuable assets:
My faith, my family and my power of intuition.
Craziest thing you ever did:
It?s too crazy to even mention here!
One person you idealize:
In my field; Sir Anthony Hopkins.
One Talent, you would love to have most:
To be able to sing really well and play a few musical instruments.
On what occasions do you lie:
When I?m afraid someone?s feelings might get hurt by the truth.
Philosophy of life:
Be honest in your undertakings and have faith that God will reward you for your sincerity.
On a blind date you?d go out with:
If it?s a blind date, technically speaking, I wouldn?t know who I?m going out with. But, would certainly love for it to be Monica Bellucci!
Secret ambition:
It wouldn?t be a secret, if I told you, would it be?
You?d like to be reborn as:
A saint.
Recurring dream:
None really.
One project you?d give your eye and teeth for:
If it?s that important, it?ll come to me instead of me dying for it!!
A historical figure you are in love with:
None other than the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
A project you wish you could have done:
No regrets, let bygones be bygones.
One activity that keeps you occupied in your free time:
Playing with my 2 year old daughter.
Name one thing you would never or rarely get bored of doing:
My work, I love it.
What fictional character do you wish existed in real life? …
Superman?I?m a fan!
If there were one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be:
I?m thankful that God has made me the way I am, I wouldn?t change a thing!
Your mostly likely turns offs:
Rudeness and unkempt appearance.
Turns ons:
Brains; an essential component to beauty.
Your message to the world:

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