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Apr 26 2013

Telefilm Anjuman

Remake of Famous Pakistani Urdu Film Anjuman

The film is a tragedy based on a tawaif “Anjuman’ played by Rani, who is a “tawaiif” who flirts with the emotions of a wealthy Santosh and later falls in love with his younger brother played by Waheed. In order to save his older brother’s marriage Waheed’s character decides to frequent Anjuman’s “kotha” in an “exchange” demanded by Anjuman, although being in love with another girl (played by Deeba). Sabiha plays the role of wife of the older brother’s character in the film, and eventually implores Anjuman to forsake her own love so that Waheed’s Character can live happily. At the end, Anjuman (Rani) has to face a fate worse than death, where she is invited to sing at the wedding of her Love. Lovelorn and disappointed Anjuman offers a woeful song, as she has swallowed poison, and dies at the feet of her love.

Anjum Hayat Khan is a young and innocent girl, studying in university. Some notorious students therein use to tease her but she reacts nowhere and avoids facing them instead. Asif tries to stop those guys and this leads to a fight in the university. Later, the same group of students visits a “kotha” where they are stunned to see anjum, the same innocent girl, dancing before them. The very next day, same news is spread everywhere in the university and asif is also surprised to know it. However, Anjum (Anjuman as dancer) leaves the university with the question in asif’s mind as to how and why did she appear to.
Later, Asif’s brother “Wajaht” is found involved with a known prostitute and the rumour reaches the home soon where asif decides to go and meet with the prostitute. Doing so, asif is once again shocked to see that the prostitute is none other than Anjum herself, who is famous as Anjuman. Here she reveals that Wajahat has puchased her on the ceremony of “nat utarwai” and she is now property of Wajaht. Now, asif replaces himself with his brother and stays with Anjuman. There are so many twists waiting to take turn and there are so many questions in Asif’s mind need to be answered as to how and why does she became prostitute.

Cast: Imran Abbas, Sara Loren, Aly Khan, Iffat Omer
Director: Yasir Nawaz

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Jun 04 2010

Drama Sanwli

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Imran Abbas with Alia and Naheed Shabbir on the location of Sanwli

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Jun 04 2010

Teri Meri Dosti – Imran Abbas new drama serial

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Imran Abbas with co-artists on the set of Teri Meri Dosti

Imran Abbas with co-artists on the set of Teri Meri Dosti

Teri Meri Dosti —- is a story of a few friends who have created a world for themselves and their broken realities. Its not a love story. Its a story about love…

Its not necessary everything is said in a linear fashion. Life happens non-linearly. Anything can happen anytime… Our choices are the deciding factor to it. How does one choose what is fair for him or her? How does one cope with a choice gone wrong? How does one survive with the pressures of a choice made right —

TMD — is a story of artists…. how they see their world. What lies within them… what makes them paint, sing, write…

Rafael Ali — all of a sudden came into the lives of Misal and his friends…. He was that broken link that they all needed to see their true worth…. Rafay loved art… And he made everyone around him value and respect art… till one day — he discovers how each piece of art — written years ago was a link to his broken life and he finally gets his answers…. An artist expresses the truth in ways thats hard to decipher…

TMD is a light, fresh, breezy with a lot of songs, dances and emotional content. The story moves at a serpentine pace which covers various plots and angles to human and artistic behavior.

Directed by : Shahbaz Anwar

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Mar 21 2010

Firdous Jamal

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Feb 21 2010

Trivia: How well do you know Nadeem?

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He may have made his debut as Pakistan’s answer to Dilip Kumar but Mirza Nazeer Baig Mughal has evolved from a super-hit actor into a superstar during his 43-year career. The journey that began with Chakori in 1967 is still going strong. Not only has Nadeem outlived his contemporaries but also inspired generations with his charismatic personality and professional ethics.

Born on 19th July, 1941, in Madras (now Chennai), India, to a family with no links to showbiz, he made his debut in Chakori when the intended hero of the film, Azeem, quit days before shooting was to commence. He not only impressed the audience with his acting skills and dashing looks but also belied critics who didn’t consider him a threat in the beginning.

With countless hits to back him, Nadeem achieved iconic status in the ’70s and gave a hard time to Waheed Murad, Mohammad Ali and Shahid during the decade that saw him churn out hits with directors Pervez Malik, Nazrul Islam, S. Suleman and many others.

He has so far worked in 200-plus films since Chakori. Although he hasn’t tried his hand at direction but has been active on the scene for the past 43 years, winning fans all over the world and all awards imaginable. And if you think you know it all about this great actor, go through the trivia below and know more about Nadeem the actor, singer, producer and the man behind the numerous cinematic hits.

1. We all know Nadeem sang the duet Kahan ho tumko dhoondh rahi hain… with Firdousi Begum besides many other hits during his film career. But do you know he sang one song on an actor other than himself? Who and what was it?

2. In how many films did superstars Waheed Murad, Mohammad Ali and Nadeem act together?

3. Has he worked in an Indian film?

4. Has Nadeem ever played a negative role in his illustrious career?

5. Not many actors have played triple roles in a film during their careers. Is Nadeem one of the actors who have done so?

6. What was the ‘odd thing’ about the leading ladies in Nadeem’s debut TV serial Bisaat, directed by Ghazanfar Ali in 2000?

7. Playboy, Ishq Ishq, Inteha and Koi Tujh Sa Kahan. What do these films have in common?

8. Nadeem has never directed a film, but has he produced any?

9. There was a vast difference in Nadeem’s hairstyles during the ’70s and then again in the ’80s. Which was the first film in which he attempted his post-80s hairstyle?

10. What is the significance of films such as Sangdil, Anari and Talaash in Nadeem’s career?

1. The actor was Mohammad Qavi Khan and the film was Mr Buddho (1973), in which Nadeem sang the song, Kitne Ashq Piye Hain Phir Bhi Zinda Hoon, with the late playback singers Mala and Ahmed Rushdi lending their vocals for Deeba and Rangeela, respectively;

2. Three. Their first film together was Phool Mere Gulshan Ka (1974) followed by Shama (1974) and Jab Jab Phool Khile (1975). Nadeem also has the distinction of working with great artistes including Santosh Kumar, Darpan, Alauddin, Kamal, Shahid, David, Shashi Kapoor and Raj Babbar during his career;

3. Nadeem played the angry young man Tony in Bollywood’s Doordesh in 1983, where he was pitted against Bangladeshi actress Babita and Indian actors Shashi Kapoor, Sharmila Tagore, Parveen Babi, Raj Babbar and David. The film was directed by Ambrish Sangal and was by the Canadian Production house Friends Film International;

4. His role in the multi-starrer Shama (1974) had shades of grey, but in Samaj and Suhaag he played a full-throttle villain. Mohammad Ali was the good guy in Samaj whereas Zia Mohyuddin played the bespectacled hero in Suhaag;

5. Yes, he has. In fact he was the first actor in Pakistan to do so. He played three roles simultaneously in Jaltay Sooraj Kay Neechay which was released in 1971, and was produced by Afzaal Chaudhry in the then East Pakistan;
6. Both the leading ladies — Aaminah Haq and Nosheen Tariq — were born after Nadeem made his big screen debut in Chakori (1967). Yet he seemed at ease against the youngsters, fitting in as the leading man;

7. Nadeem is the only actor in Pakistan to work with four female directors who have also been his co-stars. The directors of the first three films — Shamim Ara, Sangeeta and Samina Peerzada — on numerous occasions played Nadeem’s leading ladies during his career. Shamim Ara in Parai Aag and Suhaag, Sangeeta in countless flicks including Anari and Mutthi Bhar Chawal and Samina Peerzada in Bazaar-i-Husn and Bulandi. The director of the last flick in the list — Reema Khan — has worked with Nadeem in over a dozen films mostly as his daughter or the son’s love interest;

8. Not one but two. Mitti Kay Putlay (1974) was his first movie as a producer whereas the Punjabi film Mukhra (1988) once again saw him in the role of the producer;

9. Many believe that Nazrul Islam’s Bandish was the first film in which Nadeem changed his hairstyle, which is incorrect. Pervez Malik’s Pakeeza (1979) was the first flick in which he experimented with his hair. When his character loses his memory, his hairstyle changes… and when he regains his memory it’s back to the ’70s hairdo;

10. Nadeem has worked in not one but three films with the same name. While the first Anari and Sangdil were black and white flicks, and the others were in colour, the first Talash was released in 1976 and the other one a decade later. Not only were the stories of all these flicks different but also the directors.

Courtesy: Dawn Images

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Feb 17 2010

Tariq Aziz

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Feb 17 2010

Ayaz Khan

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ayazkhan interview

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Feb 14 2010

Tanveer Jamal

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Feb 12 2010

Sajid Hassan

Category: Actors,Sajid Hassanmansoor @ 4:12 am

sajid_hasanSajid Hasan (b.1963) is a well known actor from Pakistan. He started off as a theater personality and then moved to television. Sajid Hasan’s first major drama series was Khalij. He became more recognized in the play Dhoop Kinare in which he played a comic role. He has written many plays which include Kuchwa Aur Khargosh and Gum. He is also the first Pakistani actor to work in an Indian television serial, Tanha, in 1997 on Star Plus.

Sajid was made his debut in films in 2004 with the movie Salakhain in which he played the antagonist. He then did also perform in Pehla Pehla Pyar. He was also in a small role in the movie A Mighty Heart. Sajid Hasan has two sisters. He is married and has one son. he got injured in karachi blast. He lives in Karachi. One of his later plays is “Tan Sen.”

List of Plays & Drama Serials:

• Taan Sen
• Sitara aur Mehrunnissa
• Dhoop Kinare
• Agar
• Khaleej
• Masuri
• Jaaye Kahaan Yeh Dil
• Kuchwa Aur Khargosh
• Jab Hatheli Per Chand Likhna
• Anokha Bandhan
• Yad tou aayen gay
• Rani
• Jab Jab Dil Miley
• Koi Aur Hai
• Aa Mere Piyar ki Khushboo
• Bewafiyan
• Nijaat
• Shikwah
• Lahasil
• Aashti
• Mulaqat


* Salakhain, (2004)
* Pehla Pehla Pyar, (2006)
* A Mighty Heart, (2007)

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Feb 12 2010

Nauman Ijaz

Category: Actors,Nauman Ijazmansoor @ 4:01 am

Nauman Ijaz

Noman Ijaz started his acting career from Lahore centre and proved in his early plays that he is a good performer. He also did a serial from Quetta centre. Nauman Ijaz faced a lot of difficulties in his initial years, as an actor.

Schooling at Cathedral, a few years at F.C college and then Law at Punjab University, but there after Nauman Ijaz became an actor.

His wife’s name is Rabia and has 3 children, Zariyan, now a grade 8 student, Shameen a grade 5 junior at Aitchison College and the little one Rayan, a kg pupil at Kids Campus.

List of Popular Tv Plays & Drama Serials:

• Dasht
• Fishaar
• Eendhan
• Jhumka Jaan
• Geeli Lakri
• Kaghaz ki nao
• Lahasil
• Noorpur ki Rani
• Jannat
• Nijaat
• Aansoo
• Man o Salwa
• Chhat
• Jeena Isi ka nam hai

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Feb 08 2010

Ahsan Khan

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Ahsan Khan is a multi-talented actor and model who shot to fame with his good looks and impressive acting. He acted in a number of Tv plays and has some movies to his credit as well.


Ahsan Khan

Your most valuable assets:
My faith, my family and my power of intuition.
Craziest thing you ever did:
It?s too crazy to even mention here!
One person you idealize:
In my field; Sir Anthony Hopkins.
One Talent, you would love to have most:
To be able to sing really well and play a few musical instruments.
On what occasions do you lie:
When I?m afraid someone?s feelings might get hurt by the truth.
Philosophy of life:
Be honest in your undertakings and have faith that God will reward you for your sincerity.
On a blind date you?d go out with:
If it?s a blind date, technically speaking, I wouldn?t know who I?m going out with. But, would certainly love for it to be Monica Bellucci!
Secret ambition:
It wouldn?t be a secret, if I told you, would it be?
You?d like to be reborn as:
A saint.
Recurring dream:
None really.
One project you?d give your eye and teeth for:
If it?s that important, it?ll come to me instead of me dying for it!!
A historical figure you are in love with:
None other than the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
A project you wish you could have done:
No regrets, let bygones be bygones.
One activity that keeps you occupied in your free time:
Playing with my 2 year old daughter.
Name one thing you would never or rarely get bored of doing:
My work, I love it.
What fictional character do you wish existed in real life? …
Superman?I?m a fan!
If there were one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be:
I?m thankful that God has made me the way I am, I wouldn?t change a thing!
Your mostly likely turns offs:
Rudeness and unkempt appearance.
Turns ons:
Brains; an essential component to beauty.
Your message to the world:

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Feb 08 2010

Firstperson: Fabulously Fahad

Category: Articles,Fahad Mustafamansoor @ 10:51 am

By Fouzia Mapara


Fahad Mustafa

All things happen for a good reason and when Fahad Mustafa could not become a dentist, he stumbled into acting. After being grilled by veteran producer Iqbal Ansari as a debutant, surviving the hostile attitude of his seniors and his first role with zero lines; in a span of just six years Fahad Mustafa has bagged key roles in two dozen serials, shone in title roles and now at age 26 runs his own production company.

Son of Sindhi character actor Salahuddin Tunio, this second generation actor had a legacy to carry forward and has done so with aplomb. With his looks and talent, Fahad has enough grit to give Bollywood actors Rahul Bose, Kunal Khemu, Sonu Sood and even Abhishek Bachchan a run for their money.

Aashti, Tair-i-Lahoti, Veena, Najiah, Thori Dur Saath Chalo, Thora Saath Chaliye, Malika, Yeh Zindagi Hai, Tum Jo Mile, Lahaasil, Wajood-i-laraib, Karwatein and Andata are some of his memorable serials, but Fahad feels he still has a long way to go. “I won’t say that I have a tremendous amount of work because itna kaam nahin hai. Fortunately, whatever I have done has gotten noticed. When my lot came in that is Mikaal, Imran Abbas and me; we used to think that the more senior ones would fade away in a few years but they didn’t, so at least one thing is clear that they are not dying we are not dying, and that is a good thing.”

Farad’s first break was Sheeshay ka Mahal, a serial written by Nur ul Huda Shah, “The serial was a flop but my work was noticed. Nur Apa wasn’t too happy with me and preferred Mikaal who was conventionally good looking. Since I was studying and travelled in buses and also played cricket all day, I was tanned and didn’t look my best when she met me. But she approved when I auditioned for her. Maya Khan, Samina Peerzada and Maria Wasti were also in the cast and all three auditioned me. Since the role required crying; I cried in front of all of them. That serial didn’t go on air for a whole year due to some problems in the channel.”

For about 17 or 18 episodes in Sheeshay ka Mahal, Fahad had no lines at all. “Nur Apa had no faith in me. I just listened to other characters talk and nodded my head. I would get Rs2,000 per day and fortunately the shoots were slow so I made enough money to buy a car. After doing 20 episodes without uttering a single line, I finally gathered the courage to ask Nur apa for dialogues. She said ‘You don’t need lines because you are doing a lot even without speaking’.” Fahad took it as a compliment then.

“Then when Nur apa decided to write a soap for me, I overheard Samina Peerzada say ‘Yeh kal ka larka ab iss pe soap likha jayega’? Her comment came as a shock but later things changed, we worked together and when I met Samina apa she suggested we should work together. I think nobody has the right to judge anyone without giving them a chance to work.”

Fahad has a message for senior actors. “I cannot be compared to Talat Husain to Sajid Hasan. It would be pointless for someone in their position to be insecure about a junior actor like me. Even people who haven’t seen them work know who they are. I salute the energy of Qazi Wajid Sahib who says that his talent has not been tapped yet and there is a lot more potential in him yet. People are not tired of seeing him because he is not tired of himself yet. He is wonderful person to work with.”

At 25, Fahad became a producer and he talks like a seasoned actor in his 50s, “Maturity has nothing to do with age. In the last five years I have learnt a lot, met all sorts of people and now I seem to understand people a whole lot better.”

Boring scripts ultimately pushed him towards production, “When you see actors appearing with the same kind of look repeatedly and audiences get bored of their faces, it is not the actor’s fault at all as scripts are not written with juicy characters to give any leverage to actors.”

Fahad is producing two serials currently, “My production team has young people with big dreams. I use my own ideas and stories, my wife writes the plays. We wanted to do something for the Hum Tele Film Festival but I don’t agree with the concept of tele films. To me they happen when a frustrated director can’t get a film, is unable to make a play and ends up making a film for the mini screen. It is like mixing two mediums. If you want to make a film, then make a film.”

Fahad feels that people who don’t have opportunities here run to India. “When people go and work in India, they come back as misfits. At the end of the day we have to work with people here. When our actors experience Bollywood, they are not good enough to work there and the system here is no longer good enough for them. Even our worst actors are way better than Indian TV actors who are very professional but totally dependent on the director. We as actors have sharpened to the fact that jo bhi karna hai hum ne khud hi karna hai. I worked with Rati Agnihotri and she has done 700 films. Either they are really smart and pretend in front of us or else they are so robotic that they have everything fed to them by the director.”

Fahad prefers character roles to simple chocolate leads. “When I don’t have money I will look for anything. We can’t always choose but mostly I want something on the edge, something different every time. Veena was Atif Husain’s brainchild with a guest appearance by Fahad Mustafa who developed it into the title role. “In 20 episodes I had only 45 scenes because I thought the lesser I appear the more digestible I will be with the audiences. I also thought that as a main track people won’t like it.”

Veena was shot in interior Sindh at a mazar and to play a eunuch and dance in front of all those people was not easy for me.” Wasn’t playing a eunuch bad for his image? “What is my image? The mini screen is too small to have an image. I still meet women who think that I am a lowlife like Pasha in reality. A lot of people think I am Bhola and they ask me why I left the serial. I ask them what do they like about Bhola but they don’t have an answer.”

For him, Aashti was his filthiest role and also the best experience of his career. “I was so into my role of Shaheedul Islam that even after I went home I would be talking in Bangla undertones. I love being an actor because I’m constantly switching characters.”

Accused of only working with certain type of directors, Fahad believes in working with a good team. “The directors I work with have middle class characters so they are called B-class directors. Why are people so class and appearance conscious? Except for Javeria, most of the girls are so hung on how they look that they don’t focus on the role. People talk about A-class and B-class roles that we do as actors, but this is complete rubbish. Thanks to people like Mehreen and Atif Husain who portray middle class people, we have substance in out TV content. Imran Abbas is very good looking and so is Mikaal. But to be cast in a role not based on your acting abilities but because of your good looks is not fair. As a producer I have learnt that acting or no acting, actors have market value because of the way they look, and there is nothing you can do about that. Faisal Qureshi and I are the only two actors who will happy doing old roles in future.”

People say that the Pakistan film industry will eventually revive but it is not about to happen according to him, “Even if we make a good film, they will release 10 good films. All our films are compared with Bollywood fare, so do our films have a chance? Maybe if they put Bollywood films in Cineplexes and our films on mainstream cinemas at least we will be able to take out revenues.

“Nadeem Mandviwalla lined up three films with Manmohan Shetty and I was to go meet them in Dubai but that same day the blasts at Mumbai Taj took place. That day I realised that India is not meant for us. Like Humayun Saeed says ‘Go and work there if you get a chance but don’t stop working here, these are your roots’.”

Mastana Mahi is an upcoming project that Fahad is excited about these days, “The shoots have not started yet but I am reading the script which is based on Bilawal Zardari’s life.”
Courtesy: Dawn Images

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Dec 24 2009

Izhar Qazi – 2nd death anniversary observed

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Dec 11 2009

Faisal Rehman

Category: Faisal Rehmanmansoor @ 3:59 am

Here to stay
By Maliha Mansoor

Getting a super start to his acting career with his debut venture and that too, at the age of fourteen, Faisal Rehman has come a long way in the three decade span of his showbiz career; but he feels there is many a mile to go still…… Here, in an all exclusive talk with HUMSAY, we unearth a facet of Rehman very rarely exposed to the media.

“The two things I always wanted to do from childhood were travelling and joining the Foreign Service” Faisal Rehman reveals, lounging back comfortably in his chair in the lawn of the house where he is busy shooting a comedy serial. But, obviously fate had other plans for him as he was thrown into showbiz while still at school.

“I got an opportunity to work in the film ‘Nahin Abhi Nahin’ – an extraordinary film that shocked people with its extremely out-of-the ordinary theme for the early ’80s – mainly because of the fact that my father was a respected cinematographer in the industry with films like ‘Heer Ranjha’ and ‘Dosti’ to his credit. I didn’t look at it as a career-making move, and in fact, had taken it for granted that this would be a one-timer and the chapter would be closed at its completion. I did not, in my wildest dreams, imagine that it would mark the beginning of a career that would stay with me these thirty years.”
With his characteristic dimpled smile, Rehman goes on to narrate how difficult it was for him to cope with studies and a career which though incidentally thrust upon him, had got him so involved that he couldn’t disengage himself. “My school – St Anthony’s – was a strictly Irish Brother Order and all my shootings were scheduled so I didn’t miss school even one day. The same schedule continued till I graduated – mind you, with flying colours!– from F.C College, Lahore.”

Faisal Rehman and Deepti Gupta in Malal

Although a difficult feat to achieve, not only did Rehman excel in his studies, he also became a roaring success on screen, performing in hit films such as ‘Yeh Zamana Aur Hai’, ‘Nadani’, ‘Love Story’ and ‘Doorian’. But in spite of numerous hits both on the silver screen, and in subsequent years, on the mini-screen, it is his debut movie that remains to date the foremost identification of his acting career.

Courtesy: Humsay

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Dec 11 2009

A Male Feminist – Rangeeli

Category: Ali Saleem,Hum Tvmansoor @ 3:49 am

Interview with Ali Saleem – Begum Nawazish – Rangeeli
You either love him or hate him; but one thing is for sure, you cannot ignore Ali Saleem. He is daring, out-spoken and very passionate about what he does. His various personas have entertained and enthralled us and now he is back with a brand new show and his latest persona, ‘Rangeeli’, this time on HUM TV. Here, he talks to us about ‘Rangeeli’ – the show and its host.

Q – Who is Rangeeli?

A – Basically, Rangeeli is a character who doesn’t come from a very privileged background; she did not get the best of opportunities when it came to academics. She was raised in a typical ‘mohalla’ where her idols were the Sri Devis, Madhuris, and of course, Reemas and Meeras of this world. She is very filmy and like most women from her background, her only entertainment had been watching Indian movies, so she has been educated by Bollywood and Lollywood, and a bit of Hollywood. She always craved but could not afford to look glamorous and beautiful; to wear the latest clothes; to travel around and carry expensive handbags. But, she never lost hope and finally, hit the jackpot; but, because she has a sensitive heart and knows what it is to suffer without money, she decides that she is going to share the money she has won, with her sisters. So, she decides to start a show with very simple segments in order to get a chance not only to interact with other women, but also create a platform for women to come on, get entertained, speak their hearts and minds out, and of course win money as well.

Q – Why did you think of creating this character?

A – I thought the more the merrier, and why not create another romance in life? Begum Nawazish is happy doing her stuff and now that I have all this time on my hands, why not create another romance, another love, another interest in my life? I have a very fond association with HUM TV and especially with Sultana Apa, so I told her that I wanted to do a show for a female audience. There are a lot of women-oriented dramas, but there isn’t a single show that focuses solely on women, and being a feminist, I’ve always felt very strongly about it, as I feel that women have been neglected in many ways in our society.

We live in a society that has a lot of gender biases; where there is a
lot of prejudice against women, and they tend to be typecast as insecure, jealous, nagging, and greedy. A woman is mostly viewed as an object of desire or affection – if she is lucky. No one really cares what she feels or thinks. So, I wanted a reality show in which women from different strata of life could come and participate. Basically, the show is about connecting with and educating women and showing how a woman’s circumstances can change her way
of thinking.

Q – How is Rangeeli different from Begum Nawazish?

A – Begum was the character of a widow, who was very well-off as she had married into money and had a very lavish lifestyle. So, Begum invited the who’s who of Pakistan – celebrities, politicians, movers and shakers, basically people from high-society – into her drawing room, and took on serious issues with them.
Rangeeli, on the other hand, is for the masses; her mission statement is to empower women – the show is positioned on a more social theme. You have to understand, in today’s world everything is centred on money. It saddens me to say this, but it is a reality. Money has become much more important than it was decades ago, and so in a sense, freedom is linked with money. If a woman is economically independent and is capable of supporting and sustaining herself, she does not need to take any rubbish from a man. But if a woman is completely dependant on him, she will be forced to take a lot of crap. So we decided that Rangeeli would give away up to a hundred thousand rupees in cash prizes every week to women from different walks of life. We are on the one hand celebrating womanhood, and bonding as ‘sahelis’ – which is Rangeeli’s favourite word – and on the other, subtly showing people the difference in various women’s approaches. For example, a show could have a housewife wanting to win money to buy something her husband is not getting for her; or a salon-owner who wants to invest in her business; so you see the difference in their priorities right there.

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