Jul 02 2010

Drama Serial Chein Aaye Naa on Geo Tv

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Revolving around the controversial issue of Halala, ‘Chein Aaye Na’ is the story of a man who loses everything because he gives in to the insecurities of a mid life crisis. Saulat is an affluent businessman who has been happily married for many years and has two grown up children with his wife Zeb. However, as middle age sets in, so do the feelings of insecurity that go with it. In a desperate bid to escape the feelings of old age, Saulat finds himself drawing closer to Rida, a young woman in her late twenties who works for Saulat’s company. As the two spend more and more time together, Saulat sees a whole new side to himself and realizes just how vibrant and energetic he can actually be if he’s with the ‘right’ person. As the headiness of this new found excitement begins taking over his life, Saulat finds life with his wife Zeb increasingly dull and boring.

Things reach a turning point, when Rida issues Saulat an ultimatum, by asking him to divorce his wife if he wants Rida to stay in his life. Saulat, by now totally taken in by Rida, does the unthinkable and divorces Zeb just so that he can marry Rida. This throws the whole of his family in turmoil. Zeb is left hurt and heart broken, her only consolation being Saulat’s close friend Sar Buland, who not only offers her a shoulder to cry on, but also tries to offer support to Zeb and Saulat’s children Rohan and Ghazal.

Rohan tries to escape life at home and his step mother by using drugs, so that he can stay in his own world. Ghazal meanwhile, is devastated when her future in-laws break off her engagement to fiancé Baazal, because of her parent’s divorce.

Saulat and Rida meanwhile, are very happy at first; however it’s not long before the cracks in their relationship begin to surface. When Rida’s young and handsome cousin Rasam visits from the US, she can’t help but realize how much more fun it is to spend time with him. The fact that Saulat is much older than Rida slowly begins to get to her, and makes her realize that they both want different things from life. As Rasam and Rida grow close, things between her and Saulat become complicated and she starts regretting her decision to marry him.

Rida eventually leaves Saulat, and now he gradually begins realizing what a wonderful wife and companion Zeb was. He decides to try and get her back, but knows there is only one way that is possible, which is Halala.

Will Zeb agree to marry someone else for Halala? Will Rohan and Ghazal be part of a family ever again? And will Saulat be able to make amends for a decision he now so desperately regrets? Watch ‘Chein Aye Na’ to find out!

Chaen Aye Na

cheyn aaye na

Written by : Seema Ghazal

Directed by : Barkat Siddiki

Cast: Nadeem Baig, Javed Shaikh, Ghazala Kaifi, Ahsan Khan, Mehjabeen, Jahan Ara Hai, Tajwar Shahana, Rabeea Chaudhry, Mudassir Waqar, Sheheryar Zaidi, Ismat Zaidi, Ayesha Khan, Raju Jamil, Hiba Ali

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