Mar 12 2010

Barish Kay Aansoo – Episode 21 Last

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The backdrop of the play is TV productions, but its main story is social as well as an emotional one. The story revolves around a local female writer, a director and a heroine from across the border, their lives change as they meet and work together on a TV serial.

Writer Bina brings a story for a serial to a TV director Asim who is working for a local channel and during work they fall in love and later get married. A Sikh heroine Surendar Kaur (AKA Shahla) is brought from across the border, who stays at Asim and Bina’s home. Asim’s father Salman is the owner of the city’s biggest ad agency. His wife Zaini always feels inferior to him.

When the production begins, Asim’s maximum time is spent with Shahla. When Bina gives ideas for the production, she is cut short by Asim who ask her to deal only with the domestic affairs. Asim and Shahla get closer and closer as she feels Asim could be her stepping stone while Asim has fallen in love with her. Bina has not been able to conceive so Asim marries Surendar.

Salman meets Soofia, who is the daughter of his manager and a homely and hard working girl. Salman asks his manager for her hand in marriage which makes the manager very happy… But life is not so simple…

Written by: Muhammad Asif

Directed by: Barkat Ali Sidiki

Produced by: Humayun Mehboob, Tanveer Ajmi,

Cast: Shabbir Jan, Aijazz Aslam, Saba Pervez, Asif Raza Mir, Faisal Qureshi, Farah Shah, Maria Wasti, Erum Akhtar, Humayun Naz

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