Apr 19 2009

Drama Soap Dil Dekay Jaien Gey on Geo Tv

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Blood is always thicker A serial about an ideal and organized family consisting of all the values like ethics ,morals , carrying all the respect and honor for elders , fulfilling all the emotional requirements like love , care and moral support for younger.

A family who is ideal example for the outsider’s .as a women plays an important role in making a house, home, It is also said that a man builds a house and it is a solely a women who makes or breaks a home ,as she is also know as the most important pillar of the house . she brings up her generation, the way she wants, grooms them, teaches them mannerism and drawing a line between the good and the evil, white and black and right and wrong as a women consist of so much filled within her and incase she tries he tries to use the same energy in a negative way she ends up in disaster putting each and every family member to a destructive state of mind plus putting an end to her home.

All the characters placed are loved and appreciated by each other, AGA an ideal father who establishes a business for fulfilling his family luxuries and desires, APA JAN an ideal wife who takes care of her husband as well as her son, who are happily married.

To achieve happiness needs a lot of compromises and hardships like this family go through. The second daughter is law who enters this home, feels quiet insecure of the first one as she is well aware of the fact that the elder one is in every aspect better than her. She tries to create a misunderstanding and politics by brainwashing every family member, affecting the first daughter in law’s repute who bears everything but could not fight back or defend herself as she believes being good she has to become a victim of a lot of politics.

Who will find a way or support her, her husband or her in laws…

Cast: Noman Ejaz, Iman Ali, Vaneeza Ahmed, Sunita Marshal, Fawad Khan, Hassan Ahmed, Aurangzeb Eshai, Seemi Raheel, Shaukat Zaidi, Anita Camphor, Beenish Mehmood, Sarah Gillani, Umair Rana, Humaira Ali, Rashid Mehmood, Mohiuddin Khan, Zahid Mehmood Qureshi, Baby Wardah, Baby Faiza, Abida Shaheez & Rasheed Naz

Written: Syed Wasi Shah
Producer: Evernew Entertainment Production
Director: Irshad Ali (Arshi)

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