Apr 29 2009

Drama Serial Waris on ptv

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The central role in this play belongs to Chaudhry Hashmat, a zamindar, perfectly portrayed by the late Mehboob Alam. Firdous Jamal & Aurangzeb Leghari, Hashmat’s nephews & Munawwar Saeed, playing Hashmat’s son, complete the zamindar family.
Through this play, people will get a taste of our feudal system that is destroying the country, a feudal system that was put in place by the British. We find these zamindars to be cruel, heartless, greedy, believing themselves to be above one & all. They are rulers of their village but their influence knows no bounds as their presence is also felt in city of Lahore. No one who comes within their reach is safe – they have no friends – even the most loyal of servants isn’t safe.
Firdaus Jamal as Chaudhry Anwer is at loggerheads with his brother, Chaudhry Niaz Ali. There is no peace within the family our outside. Chaudry Anwer’s major vices include greed & lust. Chaudhry Niaz Ali wants to escape all this & settle down in the city but can’t – the feudal web entangles him and keeps him in.
Abid Ali, after Chaudhry Hashmat, is the other actor to lookout for. He stands out in his role as Dilawar, a literate man who joins Chaudhry Hashmat’s ranks just to seek revenge on the person who killed his brother, who incidentally has taken refuge in Sikandarpur, Chaudry Hashmats domain.
I was a little kid when this play was first aired by PTV. I had long since forgotten the plot of the play, but the character of Chaudhry Hashmat, stayed with me. I remember back then, I didn’t care for any of the other actors, I just couldn’t wait for his scenes. As soon as his scenes began, I couldn’t wait for them to end – Chaudhry Hashmat scared the daylights out of me.
After watching this play again after all these years, I have found Chaudhry Hashmat to be as intimidating as he was 20 years ago.

Director: Ghazanfar Ali
Writer: Amjad Islam Amjad

Cast: Mahboob Alam, Abid Ali, Firdaus Jamal, Shujaat Hashmi, Nighat Butt, Tahira Naqvi, Uzma Gilani, Agha Sikander, Jameel Fakhri, Munawar Saeed, Samina Ahmed, Aurangzeb Leghari,

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