Apr 28 2009

Drama Serial Dhoop Kinaray on Ptv

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Haseena Moin’s Dhoop Kinaray is always a treat to watch whenever given a chance. Marina Khan and Rahat Kazmi have acted superbly, the script is amazing and the play is well directed.

The story revolves around a child specialist Dr. Ahmer Ansari (Rahat Kazmi). Setbacks in life have turned him into a cynical and cold-hearted man. His sole goal in life now is looking after his patients. Marina Khan then enters his life and hospital as an extremely energetic, full of life, young doctor, Zoya Ali Khan. Zoya has entered this profession solely on the orders of her father (Qazi Wajid). Zoya is careless and non-serious, and Ahmer makes it a point to improve her attitude.

With many twists and turns that leave the viewers glued to the screen, the story reaches its climax. Sajid Hasan made his debut in this play as Dr. Irfan; a role that seems to be written for him and in which he performs brilliantly. Badar Khalil plays the role of Dr. Sheena, a colleague of Dr. Ahmer, who loves him and leaves no opportunity to create misunderstandings between Zoya and Ahmer. The poetry by Faiz Ahmed Faiz in the background is appropriate

Director: Saira Kazmi

Writer: Hasina Moin

Cast: Rahat Kazmi, Marina Khan, Badar Khalil, Arshad Mahmood, Sajid Hassan, Kehkashan Awan, Hameed Wyne, Ishrat Hashmi, Qazi Wajid, Latif Kapadia & Rizwan Wasti

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